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Project # 29551

River Ridge Development Authority, 6,000-Acre Former Army Munition Manufacturing and Storage Depot

VERTEX was retained by an insurance carrier to research and characterize risks associated with the former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant in Clark County. The site is approximately 9,790-acres. As of 2011, 143 acres were classified as improved grounds, 635 acres were classified as semi-improved grounds, 6,202 acres were classified as unimproved grounds, and 2,810 acres were classified as commercial forest. The site was formerly known as the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (INAAP) and was a Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated military industrial facility that operated from 1941 until 1998.

Documents were provided from the insurance carrier and appropriate authorities/insurance brokers. Information included (but was not limited to): Existing Conditions; Demolition Plans; Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments; No Further Action Plans; Sampling Plans: Regulatory Correspondence; RAOs; Corrective Measure Plans: RAPs; RAWs; and a Chubb CES Engineering Request. VERTEX expedited the download and sorting of available documents and conducted an initial scoping conference call.

VERTEX team segregated sites with open issues and analyzed relevant (4 years or earlier) documents. Web based research was conducted to understand Army transfer, and Development Authority Closure criteria respectively, with a final goal of understanding remaining environmental liability exposures.

Findings were summarized to the client on a 10-day turnaround which included: an overview narrative Underwriting Review report and a table detailing risks associated with the 92-site specific Areas of Concern.

VERTEX completed followup with the insurance carrier allowing them to hone underwriting approach coverage give backs prior to quote submission.

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