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St. Polycarp Village Phase III

VERTEX provided full-service environmental consulting from the planning stages through post-construction in a dense urban neighborhood in Somerville. Starting with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, VERTEX identified several historical findings including underground and aboveground storage tanks, various contaminants in soil, and the presence of asbestos.

Although various contaminants in soil were detected, VERTEX determined that the site soils were excluded from reporting to MassDEP based on the presence of coal ash. VERTEX subsequently conducted disposal characterization for excess site soils generated during construction and prepared a soil management plan to address potential risks posed by residual concentrations of PAHs and lead in soil. VERTEX recommended a one-foot clean soil cover, which was constructed by the site contractor under the supervision of VERTEX. VERTEX also prepared disposal facility acceptance profiles, LSP Opinion Letters, and associated waste manifest forms. VERTEX oversaw the loading and off-site export activities to ensure compliance with the soil management plan and disposal facility requirements.

Prior to demolition of the former school building, VERTEX conducted a hazardous material survey, which identified varied asbestos-containing building materials. VERTEX subsequently prepared hazardous materials design specifications, assisted our client with the selection of an abatement contractor, and provided full-time asbestos project monitoring. The project monitoring consisted of (1) Containment inspection prior to removal; (2) Air monitoring for the removal of interior and exterior work areas; (3) Post-removal visual inspection to ensure proper clean-up; and (4) Clearance air monitoring to establish the level of cleanliness achieved.

Following the construction of the buildings, VERTEX conducted short-term (48-hour) radon testing in all three of the ground-level units. Sample results indicated that radon concentrations were below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency action level of 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L). Based on the results, VERTEX prepared a letter report indicating that no further action was recommended.

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