VERTEX Sponsors Bisnow Denver’s New Construction and Development Forum


Join VERTEX Engineers, Construction Experts, and Environmental Scientists at Bisnow Denver’s New Construction and Development Forum on Tuesday, October 30th at 7:30am. 

Get 20% off your registration with our discount code: VCSD20ZERS.

What you’ll learn:

1) Construction costs are rising, materials are expensive and the labor shortage is real. What are the viable solutions (in the foreseeable future) to a major industry setback? 

2) Pros and cons of a booming town: Is Denver destined to become a megalopolis

3) How are developers, GCs and designers working collaboratively to bring desirable, affordable and inclusive communities to the mile-high city?

4) Are TODs still in demand or has transit-oriented development slowed with the lack of public transit growth?

5) Denver Submarket Outlook 2019: What’s next in construction & development for Denver’s surrounding neighborhoods?

Featured topics:

Stories of the Wild West: Construction Challenges of Yesterday, Development Successes of Tomorrow
How to Ride the Cycles, Utilize Strategic Projection and Create Value in the Market

Development, Construction & Design: The Impact of Innovation
The Influence of Technology, Innovation and Initiatives on Denver’s CRE Market