Lance VanDemark has over 17 years of experience in Civil Engineering & Land Development and has a strong educational background in Structural Engineering & Engineering Management. Mr. VanDemark has provided comprehensive Civil Land Development Services on a multitude of projects including grading, drainage, utilities design in addition to erosion control, due diligence, jurisdictional coordination, entitlements, construction observation and project management. Additionally, Mr. VanDemark has provided Civil Forensics Services for projects that have included construction defects, cost to complete, standard of care, insurance claims, surety claims, allocation, eminent domain and appraisals. 


  • Ph.D., Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado Denver (Anticipated Graduation 2019)
  • M.S., Engineering Systems, Colorado School of Mines
  • M.S., Engineering and Technology Management, Colorado School of Mines
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines