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April 20, 2000

At VERTEX, we are proud to have a diverse team of professionals who come from various backgrounds and possess different skill sets and experiences. We believe that our differences make us stronger, and we are united by our shared passion for innovation and learning in our work and industry.

Today, we would like to spotlight Ms. Emma Theisen, a project engineer located in our Denver office. Emma is a graduate of Texas A&M University, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering. Her educational background in Civil Engineering has allowed her to contribute to the completion of Civil Forensics Claims assignments on our Civil Design team.

Emma is not only well-versed in Structural Engineering, but also Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, and Transportation Engineering. Her diverse skill set and eagerness to learn make her a valuable member of our team at VERTEX.

In addition to her work at VERTEX, Emma is also an accomplished classical musician, playing the French horn. She is a dedicated athlete, having completed several triathlons and is an avid skier. Emma is also passionate about giving back to her community and has volunteered for various organizations in the past.

We are proud to have Emma as part of our team at VERTEX and we look forward to seeing her continue to grow and succeed in her career with us. Stay tuned for an insightful video where Emma will share more about her work, team, and growth within our company.

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At VERTEX, we are connected by our desire to innovate and learn in our work and industry and to provide value and results for our clients. Caring is a core value for us so we foster long-term relationships not only with our clients but also between colleagues within our organization and our communities.

We may be forensic consultants, design engineers, construction managers, environmental scientists, and technical professionals on the job, but outside of work, we are triathletes, competitive skiers, classical musicians, pilots, professional poker players, car enthusiasts, proud parents, volunteers in our communities, and more!

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Erin Davies, VP of Human Resources Strategy

Erin Davies

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