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VERTEX Office Locations VERTEX Office Locations

Structural Engineering and Forensic Services in Denver, Colorado

VERTEX is one of the leading AEC companies with an expansive domestic and international presence. It was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1995 and has since spread to other major cities across the U.S. By extending our company to Colorado in 2000, we’ve been able to provide top-quality services to the whole region through our Denver offices. Our local experts are familiar with state regulations and building codes, allowing them to accommodate the needs of clients in the Rocky Mountain region.



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The extensive knowledge of our multidisciplinary team helps us offer integrated solutions of the highest quality and meet the needs of our long-term clients and complex projects in regional, state, and world markets. Aside from the traditional AEC services, we’re proud to offer consulting and forensic services, environmental remediation, industrial hygiene, and other project advisory services to public and private clients within a wide range of specialty fields, including healthcare, education, military, and IT sectors.

Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering Design

VERTEX is able to provide engineering design services of both civil & structural disciplines. Structural engineering is the practice that includes the design and analysis of load-bearing structures like bridges, skyscrapers, dams, or other infrastructure projects. The main focus of civil engineering, as one of the oldest engineering disciplines, is the design, construction, and maintenance of structures like private and public buildings and infrastructure like roads, water systems, or retaining walls.

Structural engineering also involves the inspection of materials used for construction. Our structural engineers in Denver collaborate with civil engineers to ensure their design is stable and appropriate materials are selected for construction. Other subdisciplines of civil engineering we can provide are:

  • Transportation engineering
  • Environmental engineering

Construction risk assessment and monitoring

Our team for construction risk management in Denver performs comprehensive inspections of all aspects of the site and the team’s schedule & processes to ensure the construction project is running smoothly. Construction is a risky business, both from the safety perspective of using heavy machinery & equipment and the multitude of players & outside variables if not managed properly. This is why regular monitoring and construction project risk assessment consist of evaluating and implementing strict procedures to help identify risks and mitigate the damage if any issues arise.

Risk assessment, planning, and due diligence are done during the initial stages of any construction project. They lay out a safety net for potential risks that could occur and plan adequate responses and solutions to deal with them safely and cost-effectively. Planning and assessment include several aspects of a construction project, including:

  • Safety risk
  • Financial risk
  • Legal risk
  • Environmental risk
  • Project risk

Monitoring is an ongoing process that identifies risks as they emerge. It also includes keeping track of the effectiveness of mitigation plans and clear and timely communication with stakeholders about the progress and any potential risks, as well as the ways to deal with them.

Forensic consulting services in Denver

Construction expert witnesses and forensic services are crucial when it comes to high stakes disputes associated with construction and real estate development. The possibility of unpredictable events and outcomes is always there, even when projects are thoroughly planned. Any defect or failure to adhere to established procedures can compromise deadlines and lead to steep costs. When this happens, it’s necessary to have experts to analyze a project’s history to identify the cause of issues and the responsible parties.

Aside from litigation, disputes can be resolved in several other ways. They all require a thorough investigation analysis conducted by a team of experts, like forensic mechanical or electrical engineers, who can identify defects in various construction projects, from condominiums to multimillion-dollar structures. Their findings and reports are used to build cases or resolve disputes early in settlement, reducing costly litigation processes.

However, legal proceedings are sometimes unavoidable, and architect or construction expert witnesses can present their findings by testifying in court. Forensic experts work with attorneys to prepare the case for trial in these and similar situations. VERTEX provides comprehensive forensic consulting services in Colorado.

TI Contracting

VERTEX is a Licensed Tenant Improvement (TI) contractor in the State of Colorado. TI refers to construction inside an existing building or structure, usually to repurpose or reorganize the existing space, or improve its features. This type of project is typically performed in commercial areas like shopping malls, industrial facilities, factories, large office buildings, etc. The scope of tenant improvement can include expanding space, building new walls, and extending or improving air conditioning or electrical systems.

TI contracting projects in Denver usually involve a collaboration between the property owner, the design team, and the construction team. Clear communication ensures that the project gets finished on time and within budget. In addition, tenant improvement often includes construction work like demolishing and rebuilding parts of the property, so it’s necessary to obtain the appropriate permits from competent local authorities for all the activities that need to be performed.

Surety / Completion Contracting

The surety bond is a vital construction risk management tool. It’s used to mitigate potential damage when a contractor fails to meet their obligations. This is a legal agreement between three parties: the owner (often a government agency), the company performing the construction work, and the company providing surety as protection from potential losses.

In other words, the construction company uses this contract (surety) to provide assurance in case of adverse outcomes like failing to meet some of the specifications, not completing the project in time, or any other disruption it could be held responsible for and suffer financial loss. VERTEX acts as the completion contractor in such scenarios, helping to bring the troubled project to the finish line. Our team works diligently to complete all contract work in a safe, efficient, and quality manner. In addition, we aggressively pursue closeout from the onset of a project to prevent all too common delays with the completion of the last five percent of construction projects.

Industrial hygiene

Construction sites and existing buildings can contain various contaminants that could have a negative or even dangerous effect on the health of workers or even entire communities living in the vicinity of the site. To improve safety and help prevent or minimize exposure to potentially hazardous substances, industrial hygienist companies like VERTEX provide consulting services and help implement control measures.

Industrial hygiene consulting firms in Denver play an essential role in protecting local neighborhood residents and construction site employees from poisonings, injuries, and various skin and respiratory conditions and diseases.

Environmental remediation

Our Denver environmental remediation services begin with an investigation performed by a team of specialists to determine if the construction site is contaminated by any toxins and substances that are known to endanger human health in large concentrations. The team coordinates this investigation by mapping out the area and taking groundwater and soil samples to be examined. Then, they analyze the results to determine the extent of pollution, the potential threat to human health, and the scope of effort required to eliminate it. VERTEX then develops cleanup action plans for the properties.

Environmental due diligence

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established rules and standards that determine the required evaluation practices used by expert teams to examine and analyze the potential presence of Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs). Due diligence services can be requested by various government entities, as well as private ones, like contractors, land developers, private owners, lenders, and attorneys. Specific guidelines are determined according to the characteristics of each property and its location in Denver or some other Colorado or U.S. area. VERTEX has decades of experience providing such services.

Environmental loss control

Loss control programs use safety and risk management information to provide adequate service to policyholders and insurance companies. This type of consulting can help avoid and reduce claims and losses. VERTEX’s experts can identify potentially risky situations and conditions in order to protect our clients’ projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Condition Assessments (PCA), also called Commercial Building Inspections, is an element of the due diligence process when assessing commercial real estate. This type of assessment is essential for clients looking to buy, finance, or lease real estate. This service is a way to specify the state of the property in question. Evaluation of commercial real estate assets is based on a thorough inspection of the condition and functionality of the building and its infrastructure to determine its suitability and appropriateness for intended functions.

Tenant improvement (TI) contractor performs customized alterations to the existing building structure to suit the needs of a particular tenant better. Businesses work with owners to modify rental space buildings, usually as part of the lease agreement, to adapt and configure the space differently. The alterations can include floors, walls, ceilings, lightning, and other elements. TI contracting is usually part of the lease negotiation, so these are the most common situations that require contacting a tenant improvement contractor.

Building envelope protects the structure and everything inside it from outside elements. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in a building’s energy efficiency. Building envelope consultants’ job is to prevent problems like water leakage or condensation. If that happens, an investigation is needed to identify the cause of the problem and determine corrective actions.

Performance testing can be requested by contractors, architects, and building owners. The main goal is to lower the risk of potential issues or correct issues before they become more costly.

Services provided by building enclosure consultants include various areas of expertise:

  • Waterproofing consulting services
  • Water penetration and leakage testing
  • Hygrothermal performance analysis
  • Condensation investigation
  • Roofing
  • Acoustics
  • Air leakage Investigation
  • Component and system testing
  • Mold and other microbial contamination analysis

The job of a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) is to assess existing or potential hazards. Those who hold the credential can help protect workers’ and the public’s health by evaluating, controlling, and anticipating a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological hazards.

Industrial hygienists consulting firms perform such an analysis. They are indispensable when it comes to maintaining a safe and sustainable building site by training staff and preventing safety and health hazards from occurring. If your business deals with potential hazards or the building you work in is showing signs of them (such as workers feeling unwell), a CIH can identify risks before they occur or confirm their existence, helping you ensure your business runs smoothly.

As one of the leading AEC companies operating across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, VERTEX can provide a vast selection of multidisciplinary services. Our reliable Denver expert teams collaborate with renowned contractors, developers, law firms, insurance carriers, and sureties to offer the highest quality AEC services across Colorado. Our specialist services include:

The VERTEX team offers the same customer-oriented approach and attention to detail to private and public clients of all sizes. Contact us and find out how to make your project more efficient and safe.