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Project # 33940

Austin Energy Power Plant Demolition Estimate

Facility Closure

VERTEX was retained to develop cost estimates for the decommissioning and demolition of three energy power plants.

The scope of work included review of existing documentation for each power plant including building construction drawings and floor plans, site plans, previous asbestos and hazardous materials surveys, previous asbestos and hazardous materials abatement project documentation, and site assessment reports and/or Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reports.  The purpose of the initial review was to provide an understanding of scrap potential, potential value of equipment, existence and potential extent of asbestos and hazardous materials, spills and other environmental liabilities, and overall site conditions, as well as to develop a data gap analysis.

A site inspection was performed at one of the power plants which included discussion of site conditions and history with the power plant’s site staff; visual tour of the power plant (interior and exterior); and review of additional documents and other supplemental materials.

Based on the document review and site visit, VERTEX developed  a task list which described the work to be conducted to complete the decommissioning and demolition of the power plants. The information from our site inspection was used to determine the most efficient approach to the decommissioning and demolition work including the sequencing of the work.  VERTEX also assisted with the development of cost estimates for the demolition of the power plants.

After the cost estimate was developed, VERTEX assisted with the development and use of a risk register to determine an appropriate level of contingency allowance that should be included in the estimate.  The overall contingency allowance was calculated as the sum of the allowances for each item in the risk register.   The project achieved the client’s goals enabling them to properly budget for the future cost of the decommissioning and demolition.

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