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Belhaven College

VERTEX performed a Phase I ESA of Belhaven College campus located in Jackson, Mississippi. The 42-acre campus is developed with 15 buildings, including a library, a student center and dining hall, administrative buildings, residential dormitories, and classroom and lecture hall spaces. Site buildings were constructed between 1922 and 2006. The college campus had undergone several changes over its long history, including a fire in the late 1890’s and the construction of a lake prior to the 1960’s.

VERTEX conducted a thorough investigation of the site’s history and was able to identify possible sources of environmental impacts, including a historical laundry facility. Through site interviews, VERTEX learned that the campus housed families of some of the professors and other staff. Considering the date of construction of some of the residential buildings, VERTEX advised that in the event that children under six were to move into residential advisor apartments in any of the site dormitories built before 1979, the units in question would need to be fully assessed for lead-based paint (LBP), and any identified LBP should be properly abated in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

VERTEX completed the project on time and on budget, allowing the client to progress with the financing project.

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