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Billerica Town Hall Window Replacement

As an example of our breadth and depth of services, while VERTEX was serving as the Owner’s Project Manager for a $2.5M masonry, window, and door replacement and restoration to the Billerica Town Hall, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and asbestos were identified in various building façade components to be disturbed during renovations. VERTEX Certified Asbestos Inspectors quickly performed a Limited Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs), Paint Chip, and PCB-Suspect Caulking Sampling and Analysis Survey. PCBs and asbestos were identified in window caulking and various painted surfaces.

VERTEX subsequently performed a limited pilot testing of abatement methods to assess the effectiveness in abating PCB-impacted materials and remediating potentially- impacted adjacent surfaces. The information collected was used to prepare a budgetary cost estimate for PCB abatement which was presented at a Billerica Town Meeting. Based on the pilot test results and considering the project schedule, VERTEX and the Town concluded that PCB abatement would be conducted using the Performance-Based under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) disposal approach. This approach allowed for remediation without prior USEPA notification or approval. VERTEX prepared abatement bid documents and assisted in the procurement of an abatement contractor.

VERTEX oversaw daily abatement activities and conducted post-abatement sampling. VERTEX also performed air monitoring and real-time upwind and downwind particulate monitoring to provide additional protection to the adjacent high school and surrounding community from potential airborne particulates and to ensure that dust was properly controlled during site abatement activities. At no time during this project did the readings exceed the stop work level. Under the oversight of VERTEX Project Monitors, PCB abatement was completed to the cleanup concentrations of 1 part per million (ppm). Remediation waste was disposed of at a TSCA-approved disposal facility. ACM and lead-based paint were also identified in various materials and were managed as part of the PCB abatement, thus saving time and costs.

The abatement was orchestrated in a manner to meet the Town’s objective of remaining operational during the restoration work. Much of the window replacement work took place in the winter months, and VERTEX attended weekly project meetings and provided regular schedule updates to ensure staff members were given ample notice about when construction activities would commence in different areas of the building.

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