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Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring for Former Tar Storage Facility Remediation

Project # 83376

North America United States NJ East Rutherford,

Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring for Former Tar Storage Facility Remediation

VERTEX provided community air monitoring, employee exposure monitoring, and continuous perimeter monitoring for air quality concerns related to the excavation and remediation of a former tar storage facility located in a densely populated residential neighborhood. Remediation services were performed by our client. VERTEX’s Services consisted of the following:

Weather Station and Daily Monitoring: VERTEX utilized a dedicated onsite weather station to monitor environmental conditions, and the local weather to assess potential impacts to the site personnel and/or the surrounding residential community. The weather station provided continuous readings on temperature, relative humidity, rain, wind speed, and wind direction. The monitoring system utilized telemetry and allowed VERTEX to establish alarm protocols for elevated wind speed, elevated temperature, or combined elevated temperature and relative humidity readings, which would result in a greater potential for exposure to the site-related contaminants or heat stress conditions. This allowed VERTEX to notify site personnel to modify working procedures to eliminate the risk of environmental exposure, dust generation, or heat exposure.

Perimeter Monitoring: VERTEX established remote monitoring stations around the perimeter of the site to maintain continuous readings of dust and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. The perimeter monitoring stations also used telemetry and were programmed to trigger alarms when dust levels or VOC concentrations approached the client-specified thresholds. An advanced alarm warning notice was automatically sent to VERTEX, the client and other stake-holders, which allowed for modification in work practices prior to reaching the client-specified thresholds.

Periodic Monitoring: Every six work days VERTEX performed industrial hygiene monitoring for the following air contaminants:

  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Respirable dust
  • VOCs using TO-15 analysis using SUMMA canisters.
  • Lead
  • Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PNAHs)

Sampling was conducted on a rotating schedule to ensure that all days and activities were represented in the sampling data. The results of the data were compared to standards and incorporated into the final report of air monitoring to support a defense of any potential claims of exposure by the neighbors or workers on the site.

Project Closeout Services: Upon completion of the project, VERTEX prepared a comprehensive close-out report that documented all air sampling and laboratory analytical results, the recorded perimeter air monitoring and weather data, and all other relevant information generated during the project.

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