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Project # 35455

Mold Growth on Exterior Sheething

VERTEX’s client requested an investigation of a mold remediation project for their insured.  As part of the scope of work, VERTEX investigated the claim and reviewed all readily available information pertaining to the mold claim.  VERTEX also reviewed the invoices provided by the insured and opined on the reasonableness of the scope to remediate the mold and associated cost to repair which included the removal and replacement of 40,000 sf of exterior sheathing/insulation and cladding as the result of mold growth. The mold remediation was estimated to cost over $1.7M. VERTEX’s analysis included reviewing details associated with every invoice, verifying the reported scope of work associated with mold remediation, and comparing the hourly rate/material purchase orders/equipment rental rates with industry standards. VERTEX also verified the duration of work for each item by considering the site conditions and ongoing construction at the time of remediation.  The client was presented with a clear and concise summary of all reasonable and disputed costs which was relied upon for issuing coverage.

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