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Project # 33520

Special Ops Forces Joint Operations Center Compound

VERTEX provided construction claims advisory services for a client on a $34M military facility project at Camp John Pratt, Mazer-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. The project scope was for the design and construction of a 70,000 square-meter Special Operations Forces Joint Operations Center Compound (SOF JOC).

VERTEX was tasked with reviewing a $17.5M claim put forth by one of the project parties and preparing a risk assessment/analysis relative to potential recovery. In the dispute, the claimant sought recovery of direct costs attributable to Owner-initiated design directives it felt were beyond the scope of the contract. The claim also included a significant delay component where the claimant sought to recover the extended general condition costs it associated with the disputed design directives. VERTEX evaluated the party’s entitlement on each issue and assessed the purported damages. As the claim alleged multiple schedule impacts, VERTEX’s analysis included an evaluation of the delay analyses put forth by each party.

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