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VERTEX was contracted to provide structural engineering services for a new 5,000 SF medical office building. The building was constructed using steel stud walls, with a steel post and beam roof featuring bar joists and metal deck. The exterior walls were clad with 4” brick veneer, storefront, and areas of stucco.

The scope of services provided by VERTEX included several key components. Firstly, they were responsible for preparing structural calculations for the design of the foundations and superstructure. Additionally, they prepared construction drawings and specifications, which clearly outlined the structural design of the project. VERTEX also attended coordination meetings with the design team to ensure that all parties were working together effectively.

In addition VERTEX was responsible for responding to Building Department plan review comments, which involved addressing any issues or concerns raised by the relevant authorities. They also provided construction administration services, which included reviewing shop drawings, responding to questions during bidding and construction, and conducting general observation site visits during construction.

Overall, VERTEX provided a comprehensive range of services to support the construction of the medical office building. By working closely with the design team and responding promptly to any issues or concerns, they were able to ensure that the project was completed successfully and to the required standards.

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Image credit: Bryant Flink Architecture & Design

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