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VERTEX has Experts that Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.

Unlike others, VERTEX provides forensic consulting alongside traditional AEC services which allows for a 360 degree view of your project.

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VERTEX is looking for talented individuals to join a highly technical team of forensic consultants, design engineers, construction managers, and environmental scientists.

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VERTEX is a multi-discipline firm with global coverage. Our international network of resources enables us to provide multi-national clients with the most qualified local professionals who understand the culture, language, and regulatory framework.

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Digital Forensics

Companies frequently retain VERTEX’s digital forensic experts and technology professionals to implement remote network environments for unimpeded access and business continuity.

Sureties, insurance carriers, and law firms who prefer a professional IT Firm with in-house expert forensic services hire VERTEX to support their next matter.

VERTEX provides digital forensic services to support the bond and claims process from legal hold issuance, to data collection, processing, document review, and management. This service allows relevant information to be collected and secured during claim matters and for business continuity purposes. Documents and data becomes more manageable and searchable, offering ease during the forensics and claims management process.

VERTEX’s IT experts also implement remote/teleworker network environments to ensure unimpeded access and business continuity. VERTEX can also assist with a permanent move to the cloud, Backup Disaster & Recovery Solutions, and Office 365 email migrations.

To further support claims, loss control, as well as M&A, VERTEX offers vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) strategic services. When there are multiple aspects that require executive levels of guidance, our IT Experts are here to support businesses through complex and varied circumstances.

VERTEX’s IT team also offers 22 points of Cyber Defense to protect clients of all sizes from the ever-present dangers affecting all businesses. As part of all of our cyber risk management services, VERTEX implements a variety of tools and approaches to identify vulnerabilities. Treatment involves the development of mitigation control measures and assistance with their implementations. Monitoring is performed to assess the effectiveness of controls and to identify potential security incidents. When incidents occur, VERTEX designs and implements remediation plans to meet unique situational requirements.


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VERTEX engineers and IT professionals work on-site to collect appropriate project-related documents, both hard copy and electronic sources, recognizing that important documents such as as-built drawings must be readily available during a time of distress and turnover.


Sureties frequently retain VERTEX’s IT experts to digitally retain files from bond principals when surety obligations are triggered from payment and /or performance issues. VERTEX typically preserves the information on a secure cloud server. Data management complies with “paperless” office policies, reduces duplication and storage costs.


VERTEX will collect data from various backup system architectures with the ability to retrieve historical data from file servers that may have been deleted, damaged, or changed.


VERTEX IT experts export databases from proprietary Microsoft SQL, Oracle, or Access systems and recreate, as needed, for on-demand access. VERTEX can provide custom queries and analysis.


To support business continuity, VERTEX can clone application servers if there are proprietary systems and make them available in a cloud-based environment for end-users.


All documents retained by VERTEX are securely hosted on a cloud-based file server with web access for each system. Login credentials are set up per the client’s specifications. Documents and emails are ‘full-text’ searchable for keywords from any system, anywhere in the world. VERTEX provides files for e-discovery in litigation.


VERTEX’s information technology (IT) technical professionals help clients assess, treat, and monitor cyber security risks, implement corrective actions, and respond to cyber incidents. Our talented professionals are experienced, and our approach is tailored to the unique needs of a diverse clientele.


VERTEX’s information technology (IT) technical professionals perform cause and origin investigations to provide insight into claims and assessments to determine reasonableness and necessity of remedial actions. VERTEX’s knowledge of the insurance industry coupled with our technical proficiency are integral factors in providing value to our clients. Our approach is qualified by our highly trained professionals with current, real-world experience.