When it comes to Health & Safety (H&S), VERTEX’s mission is to maintain a constant emphasis on healthy and safe practices with our co-workers, clients, contractors, and communities. VERTEX’s vision is to empower every employee, in every office, and on every project, with the tools necessary to be safety leaders in the ever-changing environments of our daily lives, both on-the-job and at home. We vow to provide H&S education, work practices, and leadership in everything we do. 

Health & Safety Culture

A thriving safety culture is dependent upon the employees’ values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies, and patterns of behavior and commitment to health and safety. In fact, according to OSHA, “Several studies have found organizational factors to be the most significant predictor of safe work behaviors. Studies have shown compliance with standard precautions was increased when workers felt that their institution had a strong commitment to safety and when institutions targeted interventions at improving organizational support for employee health and safety. Also, safety culture has an important influence on implementation of training skills and knowledge.”

VERTEX takes ‘A HANDS on Approach to Safety’

VERTEX’s H&S committee is led by CIHs, environmental, and construction professionals who are experts in H&S management, H&S training, and H&S implementation. The VERTEX H&S committee actively works to maintain a focus on safety across our organization. In order to build and maintain a strong H&S culture, VERTEX hosts routine company-wide training as well as project specific H&S planning, management and employee training. Additionally, VERTEX hosts an annual H&S day where the entire organization comes together to focus attention on safety performance. Contact VERTEX about our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) and additional information about our H&S culture and H&S Services.

Occupational Health & Safety Services

VERTEX provides Health & Safety Consulting and Management Services globally to a range of clients. From expertise in developing a Health & Safety corporate culture to peer reviews, to pre-construction planning, to comprehensive on-site inspections, incident investigations with lessons learned, and more, VERTEX works closely with our clients to offer value-added consulting that prevents injuries and/or reduces exposures. VERTEX is unique in the industry as our team members have both real-world H&S experience and forensic H&S experience.