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Preventing Vapor-Driven Condensation – Parting Wisdom from Michael Burgess

May 3, 2017

It has been one year since we lost our friend and colleague, Michael Burgess. He was our trusted “go-to” man for mechanical engineering expertise. He had a real passion and talent for problem-solving and he is sorely missed by all of us at Xpera (which is now part of VERTEX).

Fortunately, his wisdom lives on.

We worked with Burgess on a highly informative white paper shortly before his passing, which is now posted on our website.

The topic was “Understanding the Impact of Vapor Drive,” and the paper explores how the very thing that is intended to guard against moisture in buildings—whether it’s Kraft paper or plastic sheeting—could actually be creating it.

Burgess explained that the repercussions of this vapor-driven condensation can be catastrophic for all types of commercial and residential buildings. In the white paper, he shared lessons learned from sample cases, as well as repair and prevention best practices.

You can view and download the copy of the paper below: 

This article was originally published by Xpera Group which is now part of The Vertex Companies, Inc.

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