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The Talent Acquisition Process

July 30, 2019

It seems like everyone has a talent story…how they found The Vertex Companies, LLC (VERTEX), how VERTEX found them and why building out a powerful team is the cornerstone to VERTEX’s many successes. Did you know we have multiple employees who have left VERTEX, tried a different avenue, and have come back home to VERTEX? It’s true! When asked what brought them back, the answer was clear; a great team.

When we talk about future VERTEX employees and the roles they will be filling, it may help to offer up a recruiting vernacular and insights on our process. Here’s what VERTEX Talent Acquisition is doing today:

Outbound Talent Identification and Selection

Talent Discovery is an outbound process requiring selective outreach to passive candidates including the use of aggregating websites (LinkedIn, GlassDoor, Indeed, etc.) keyword search, cold-call/text/email, strategically networking for candidates to fill specific positions that are historically low-yield. The positions in this category fit one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Management or senior level
  2. Historically difficult to recruit for and/or have been open the longest
  3. Require unique technical skill sets or certifications/licenses,
  4. Geographically challenging to hire
  5. Unexpected/unplanned opening

This approach is an intentional and targeted exercise in identifying, screening, selecting and shepherding passive and selective candidates. Requires close management of the process and the people involved including management of the interview process, providing feedback, compensation negotiation and close. Talent acquisition is the first and primary point of contact with new candidates throughout interviewing/hiring and continue to act as a liaison between hiring manager(s) and candidates through onboarding and integration.

Inbound Talent Identification and Selection

Talent Selection is actively pursuing and progressing qualified and viable candidates inbound through the application process via website submission or internal referral, and other sources. The goal is to screen, vet and shepherd candidates through the interview and hiring process. Acting as a liaison between hiring managers and candidates, this role requires close management of the process and will be the primary point of contact with candidates unless the hiring manager(s) prefer to handle directly. Along with building a rapport with candidates, being The Vertex Company’s brand Ambassador is critical to creating a positive first impression.

Agency Relationships

Agency relationships are often required to find the best talent for full-time, permanent placement. There are three types of agencies; staffing (interim talent solution), contingency and retained. Retained search is typically reserved for executive-level roles. The fairest and most reasonable agencies are contingency/non-exclusive partnerships. All agency candidates submitted through an agency are guided by a contract or “fee agreement” and must be administered through VERTEX’s talent acquisition system.

If you know of a great contingency placement agency or contract staffing firm, please send the company name and contact information to Karen Biscoe.

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