VERTEX succeeds because we care about our clients and employee-owners—this is the foundation of everything we do. We deliver value-added AEC services with a constant sense of urgency on complex projects throughout the globe, which leads to long-term working relationships with our client base. This strategy supports our growth-focus, which benefits our clients because we offer integrated solutions in multiple markets and it benefits our employee-owners because it generates entrepreneurial career advancement opportunities. VERTEX maintains the highest level of quality and service through our sustained growth program by embracing a lifetime of learning philosophy, which ensures that we stay ahead of the curve in industry trends, and this rewards our employee-owners by providing a clear path for professional development.

Core Values

VERTEX differentiates itself because of our dedication to five core values. We hire employee-owners that embrace these values.

1. We Care
We succeed because we care about our clients and employee-owners. This is the lifeblood of VERTEX and is the foundation of our other core values.

2. We Add Value
We look to add value on every assignment. This leads to repeat business and long-term relationships with our client base. We pass on projects where we cannot add value.

3. We Operate with a Constant Sense of Urgency
We respond to client requests quickly and deliver our projects on time because we respect their mission. We treat each assignment as if it’s our most important.

4. We are Growth Focused
Service area expansion and regional growth allows us to better serve our clients around the globe. Continued growth also provides our employee-owners with exciting opportunities for career advancement.

5. We Embrace a Lifetime of Learning
We remain ahead of the curve on industry trends and technological developments based on our continuing education strategy, which provides our employee-owners with a clear roadmap for professional development.