These projects were completed in support of two real estate transactions for the acquisition of an aggregate total of 54 restaurant sites in 10 states across the USA. VERTEX completed all of the site visits and provided a summary of findings for each site within a three-week period. All reports were completed in a five-week period.

Services provided included both ASTM PCA and ESA Phase I Services. Field visits at each facility were performed by a cross-trained VERTEX professional able to document both environmental and physical conditions. Each PCA report included a custom Facility Condition Index (FCI) that allowed for an objective comparison of site and building conditions between facilities within the portfolio. In addition, each site evaluation included a 12-year capital needs reserve assessment to evaluate long-term needs of each individual site.

The combined portfolios included 54 free-standing restaurant buildings located in AL, IN, FL, KS, MO, NE, OH, OK, TX and WY.