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Project # 50719

Correctional Facility Security Electronics & Hardware Repairs and Improvements

This project involved upgrades and improvements to security systems to monitor and control personnel and vehicular access to various compartments of the high-risk detention facility. The electrical subcontractor, supported by the Surety, was tasked with power, lighting, conduit, and electronic cabling installation in support of the electronic systems subcontractor.

VERTEX investigated progress, workmanship, and alleged construction defects relating to the electrical subcontractor for the project. The scope also included a review of the viability of proposals to correct construction defects offered by the electrical subcontractor. VERTEX analyzed concerns raised by the general contractor, electronic systems subcontractor, design team, and government representatives regarding the needs for remedial work, constructability of the project, and ability of the electrical contractor to successfully complete his assigned work. VERTEX then developed a Cost to Complete analysis for finishing the construction of the project.

Upon termination of the original electrical subcontractor, VERTEX provided auditing service upon billings by the general contractor, replacement electrical subcontractor, and electronic systems subcontractor to verify proper use of Surety funding to correct electrical construction defects and complete the project. VERTEX also participated in construction site visits and construction team discussions to validate audit findings and recommendations.

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