VERTEX managed the completion of a turnkey repair contract to perform API 653 repairs to Fuel Tank 45 at Eglin Air Force Base after the previous contractor’s default on the contract. Tank 45 is a 1960’s vintage jet fuel tank with a 70-foot diameter and approximate capacity of 1 million gallons. The contract included the replacement of many of the tank’s cone roof, interior floating pan, tank bottom, ladder, and all nozzles and appurtenances. Additionally, the contract involved the repainting of the tank’s exterior, demetalizing and recoating of the tank’s interior, and repairs to the containment dike around the tank. Finally, the project required commissioning, startup, and filling of the tank, as well as the performance of an API 653 inspection at completion.

To complete the contract, VERTEX ratified the existing subcontractors and bought out remaining scopes of work, remobilized to the project, and completed the project on schedule and within budget, turning the tank back over to the Air Force’s fuel contractor in time to continue the base’s mission.

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