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Construction Management

Leader Among Construction Management Consulting Firms

VERTEX offers expert construction management services to private and public clients, providing leadership and guidance throughout the construction process.

Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and supervision of a project from conception to completion. With a diverse team of accomplished construction professionals and experts as well as engineers and scientists, VERTEX offers construction and reconstruction project management and site inspection services. VERTEX delivers successful and timely project completion while minimizing construction risk and facilitating communication among stakeholders.

How our construction managers can assist you

Our construction management experts plan, budget, coordinate, and supervise all stages of a project. We handle everything from setting and maintaining schedules and keeping track of finances to ensuring that all parties are completing their assigned tasks on time and in accordance with specifications.

Some of the key responsibilities of VERTEX’s construction managers include:

  • Oversight of sitework.
  • Thorough review of project estimate, costs and schedule deliverables.
  • Oversight of construction standards and procedures.
  • Oversight of all onsite and offsite work to ensure compliance with building and safety laws.
  • Contractual adherence.
  • Coordination and oversight of workers and subcontractors.
  • Negotiation of agreements, contracts preparation, and license and permit review.
  • Preparation of external and internal reports relating to job status.
  • Review of work progress including daily project basis.

The advantage construction management consulting firms bring

At VERTEX, we understand that very few clients have the time or experience needed to manage a construction project. Compared to the risks of carrying out a high-value, complex project without skillful guidance, the value of professional construction management is a positive cost-benefit.

VERTEX expertly leads construction projects to create efficiencies, avoid pitfalls, and foster an environment of collaboration between the parties involved, ensuring the project meets its goals and objectives on time and within budget.

Completion Contracting

VERTEX’s completion contracting team completes both small and large scale projects ($100M+) located throughout the globe for surety providers.

VERTEX understands that time is of the essence in these situations so we are prepared to mobilize to projects at a moment’s notice. Once on-site, we work diligently to complete all contract work in a safe, efficient, and quality manner. In addition, we aggressively pursue closeout from the onset of a project to prevent all too common delays with the completion of the last five percent of construction projects. VERTEX is unique in that we have in-house engineers and architects to assist in resolving defective work and proposing reasonable solutions when necessary.

Surety Completion Contracting

VERTEX provides completion contracting services on projects of all types and sizes where the original contractor does not complete its contract work due to a termination for convenience or for cause. VERTEX understands the subcontractor ratification process and intricacies involved in the proper estimation of partially completed work. VERTEX completes partially completed and typically distressed projects throughout the globe. While serving as a completion contractor, VERTEX maintains the best interests of the surety through the course of construction.

Construction Punch List Closeout

Construction closeout actually begins in the design stage when the specifications are prepared. VERTEX can assist in the development of the closeout specifications, mapping out required construction closeout procedures, submittals, and warranties. If VERTEX becomes involved at later stages of the project, VERTEX will reference closeout specifications and punch lists and assure they are adhered to and accomplished without delay.

Staff Augmentation

Often times VERTEX is called upon to augment the surety’s staff be it assisting in claim writing or acting as the Owner’s Representative on behalf of the surety. Some of our Staff Augmentation Services include project scheduling, project engineering, assistant project management, senior project management, quality control, safety, risk management, assistant superintendence, and general superintendence.

Distressed Project Services

VERTEX’s distressed project solutions team helps solve problems for both small- and large-scale projects around the world for developers, institutional investors, life insurance companies, and private equity firms.

We know first-hand that construction is complex. When problems become too big to solve internally, VERTEX provides senior-level expertise to troubleshoot challenging issues and disputes. Once on-site, we work diligently to evaluate the issues at hand to assess the risks they carry for the project. With a team of in-house engineers and architects able to assist in resolving defective work and proposing reasonable solutions to complex issues, we aggressively develop viable solutions to help mitigate the problems’ impacts and help turn around projects to reach construction completion.

Distressed Project Solutions

VERTEX’s team of professionals provides the experience and expertise from handling thousands of difficult and technically challenging situations. More importantly, we effectively communicate highly technical issues and their solutions for non-technical decision makers to understand. While serving as distressed project consultants, our team is committed to preserving the best interests of the client through the course of construction.

Construction Claims Management

VERTEX brings the experience of addressing and resolving construction claims for contractors, owners, and other stakeholders related to the project’s construction challenges. Our claims personnel evaluate existing claims and investigate issues to assemble affirmative claims.


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