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Project # 10062.CA

Environmental Compliance Audit of Bakery

VTX was contracted by the owner and operator to conduct an ECA of a property operating as a bakery, located in Brampton, Ontario. VTX’s provision of ECA services is consistent with CSA Environmental Compliance Audit Z773-03 (R2013) Standard. The objective of the ECA was to assess the Bakery’s level of compliance with environmental statutes, regulations, local laws, and other identified criteria. An additional component of the audit was to benchmark the Client’s internal compliance audit process and identify any potential gaps which may exist with environmental statutes, regulations, and local laws. The auditor generally reviewed records and performance over the previous two (2) years. To conduct this ECA, VTX staff interviewed or otherwise obtained information from the facility manager; the Bakery’s QA Supervisor; Maintenance Manager; and the Client’s Vice President Environment and Corporate Sustainability; and the Client’s Senior Manager, Environmental Affairs. VTX’s final report identified items of non-compliance with permits and regulations, and/or areas where Best Management Practices improvements could be made.

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