VERTEX assists a Boston-metro school facility with on-call IAQ Services pertaining to asbestos and microbial growth.  On-call asbestos services primarily include Asbestos Clearance inspections/final air sampling.

At the request of the Client, VERTEX investigated suspect microbial growth within the partial sub-grade office space of the school building.  Investigation activities included, visual inspections, real-time IAQ parameter readings (Temo, RH, CO2, CO) and collection of bioaerosol samples to determine indoor airborne mold spore counts in comparison to outdoor counts. 

Based on the data obtained during the investigation activities, VERTEX  assisted in preparing adequate Mold Remediation Protocols, and monitored the mold remedial activities to ensure proper adherence to the protocol and industry standard procedural guidelines. 

Upon completion of the remedial activities, VERTEX performed post remediation verification inspections and sampling to confirm that remedial activities were performed in accordance with industry standard guidelines.