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Monarch Casino Expansion, Black Hawk, CO

Project # 45152

Monarch Casino Expansion

The Monarch Casino Expansion Project consists of the construction of a new 24 story Tower in Blackhawk, Colorado. The Project site is located adjacent to and is intended to supplement the existing 3-story Casino. Levels 1-5 house the new, Lobby, Casino, and Dining amenities, employee facilities (employee dining, uniform storage, changing rooms/lockers, etc.), as well as executive offices and meeting spaces. Levels 6-21 house the hotel rooms, with approximately 30 rooms per floor ranging in room types. Room types consist of consumer quality one and two-bed bedrooms all the way through Suites boasting an array of amenities including in-room saunas, steam showers, bars, and luxury gathering areas. Level 21 is exclusively Suites, boasting two luxurious “Pent-House” Suites. Level 23 houses a rooftop patio, pool, bar, and spa; while levels 22 and 24 serve as mechanical levels. Additionally, adjacent to the lower levels is the newly built eight-story covered parking garage. VERTEX has provided a variety of consulting services on the Owner’s behalf throughout the construction of the Project.

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