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Ranch Property

VERTEX provided environmental consulting services to assist in the acquisition of approximately 1,450 acres of agricultural/pasture land in Sedalia, Colorado. The site consisted primarily of livestock grazing/pasture land and irrigated agricultural land with the exception of numerous agricultural structures including residential cabins, a vehicle maintenance building, an airplane hangar, stable building, hay storage buildings, and field stables.

The project included the completion of an American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the property by VERTEX as well as an ASTM Property Condition Assessment. The objective of the ESA was to determine if recognized environmental conditions (RECs) are present at the site. The purpose of the PCA was to observe and document readily visible material and building system defects that may affect the value of the property.

During the Phase I ESA, VERTEX made visual observations of each on-site structure as well as the livestock grazing/pasture land and irrigated agricultural land. Numerous aboveground storage tanks (AST), farm equipment maintenance chemicals, and agricultural pesticides/herbicides were observed at the site. VERTEX also managed an assessment of the on-site septic systems and irrigation systems by appropriately licensed contractors to provide the client with budgetary level estimates of the costs for operation and maintenance of the systems.

During the PCA, VERTEX made visual observations of each on-site structure for the following facility features: site development systems, building structure systems, building exterior systems, building interior systems, roof systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, and life and fire safety systems. Based on observations and information received during the PCA, VERTEX prepared general-scope type or budgetary level estimates of the costs to remedial the material physical deficiencies observed.

The due diligence assessments being conducted by VERTEX assisted our client’s decision making and land negotiations with sellers during real estate transactions as well as long-term operations of the property in a sale/lease-back arrangement.

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