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UMass Lowell

VERTEX is frequently asked: “Do we need to test for asbestos in soil?” As with many other environmental issues, the answer to the question is “It depends.” When evaluating whether an assessment is needed, the following should be considered: visual observations, including type, condition, and distribution of potential ACMs; site history; future site use; and disposal facility requirements. In general, unless site history or physical observations indicate the potential presence of ACM in soil, there are no regulatory drivers to require testing. In our experience, disposal facilities accepting export material from urban settings (e.g. urban fill) may require asbestos testing if there is a suspicion that the urban fill material may contain asbestos.

VERTEX was consulted by University of Massachusetts Lowell officials on suspect materials in an excavation on campus. VERTEX was then retained to visually inspect and collect samples of suspect debris material in soils discovered during the excavation activities. Upon laboratory confirmation that the debris material was asbestos-containing, VERTEX was retained to provide full-time asbestos project monitoring during two phases of abatement work to properly remove and dispose of the materials. Upon completion of the abatement activities, VERTEX prepared a Project Monitoring report summarizing abatement activities and clearance criteria.

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