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Government Contracts

Our team of experts provides valuable insight into government contract cost, price, estimating, and scheduling issues. Our experience spans nearly every aspect of the complex and heavily regulated government contracts industry. This includes procurement activities (bid protests and cost and price analysis), conformance with contract performance requirements, calculating delays and damages for large contract modifications or disputes, and guiding clients through audits, investigations, or contract terminations. Our professionals understand the labyrinth of government contract regulations,  including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), False Claims Act (FCA), and Truthful Cost or Pricing Data, among others. We understand the complexities of working with prime contractors, subcontractors, and government entities and we assist clients of all sizes, from advising sophisticated Fortune 100 defense contractors to helping small businesses navigate issues  while they focus on contract performance. If necessary, we also support Certified Claims in litigation before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA), Civilian Board of Contract Appeals  (CBCA), Court of Federal Claims (COFC), and other venues.

Our proven approach to timely, efficient, and effective resolutions includes understanding the facts and issues, developing a collaborative working relationship, maintaining communication and responsiveness throughout the engagement, and delivering clear and persuasive analyses built on years of experience.

Government Contracts Services

  1. Cost Analyses: We assist in the development of cost analyses to ensure compliance with government regulations.
  2. Business System Reviews: Our team conducts thorough reviews of your business systems to help you meet government requirements.
  3. Contract Audits: We provide support for contract audits, ensuring compliance and accuracy.
  4. Critical Path Schedule Analyses: Our experts offer critical path analysis to assess and manage project schedules.
  5. Program Management and Cost Estimating: We help you with program management and cost estimating to optimize your government contracts.
  6. Expert Witness Testimony: We offer expert witness testimony services to support your government contract claims.
  7. Compliance Investigations: Our professionals investigate compliance and contract performance issues, providing valuable insights.
  8. Claims Preparation and Rebuttal: We prepare and rebut cost and schedule claims and provide expert reports.
  9. Trial Support: Our team assists with the development of trial exhibits and provides expert witness testimony at trial.

Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REAs) and Claims

VERTEX personnel have extensive experience in developing, reviewing, and testifying on matters involving Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REAs) and claims related to changed work, delay, and disruption. We understand the importance of timely and cost-effective dispute resolution in maintaining positive relationships with government customers and prime contractors. Our collaboration with clients ensures a balanced approach that maximizes cost recovery while preserving vital business relationships.

Government Audit Support, Response, and Rebuttal

We recognize the significance of maintaining strong working relationships with government auditors. VERTEX provides support to help clients navigate cost and DFARS business system audits, working closely with agencies like the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), and others. Our professionals assist with gathering documentation, responding to audit requests, and negotiating audit findings.

Terminations for Convenience

VERTEX offers expertise in government contract terminations for convenience. We prepare, review, and analyze termination settlement proposals (TSPs) while ensuring compliance with FAR Part 49 and relevant cost principles in FAR Par 31, such as the termination cost principle at FAR 31.205-42(g). Our professionals negotiate with prime contractors, government Termination Contracting Officers, and subcontractors, handling TSPs of significant value.

Compliance and Management Consulting

Navigating the complex regulatory environment of US government contracting can be challenging. VERTEX offers a range of services to help companies comply with regulations such as the FAR, agency supplements, Cost Accounting Standards, Truthful Cost or Pricing Data statute, and more. Our professionals provide guidance on developing business structures, internal controls, and policies to ensure compliance while minimizing associated costs. Services include:

  • Drafting policies and procedures to comply with FAR Part 31, FAR Part 15, DFARS Business Systems, and other government rules and regulations
  • Preparation and review of subcontractor cost analyses required by FAR Part 15
  • Review and analysis of internal controls and advising on risk management strategies for complying with the FAR, CAS, and other regulations
  • Review of Incurred Cost Submissions
  • Analyzing the reasonableness of costs incurred in accordance with FAR Part 31 and guidance in the DCAM
  • Advising on business structures to streamline operations while maintaining compliant systems
  • Conducting mock audits of business systems, including Contractor Purchasing System Reviews and accounting system reviews, among others

Bid Protests

VERTEX professionals offer cost realism analysis and expert services for bid protests before the GAO and Court of Federal Claims. We assist both protesters and intervenors throughout the bid protest process, analyzing contract pricing models, reviewing technical proposal volumes, and providing expert declarations and advice to counsel.

Prime Contractor – Subcontractor Disputes

Our team analyzes government contracting issues and damages resulting from breached teaming and subcontract agreements between prime contractors and subcontractors. We calculate and review lost profits claimed by contractors and provide expert testimony in arbitrations and other forums.

Our Expert Government Contract Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REAs) and Claims Development, Review, and Expert Testimony
  • False Claims Act and Defective Pricing Investigation
  • Government Audit Support, Response, and Rebuttal
  • Analysis of Terminations for Convenience Matters
  • Compliance and Management Consulting
  • Bid Protests Analysis and Expert Testimony
  • Prime Contractor – Subcontractor Dispute Analysis and Expert Testimony

Choose VERTEX as your trusted partner in government contract matters. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in achieving successful outcomes in government contract disputes.

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