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Project # 10019.CA

3Rs Solid Non-Hazardous Waste Audits of Commercial Retail Stores

VTX was retained by the Client to conduct five (5) on-site 3Rs Solid Non-Hazardous Waste Audits and prepare Waste Reduction Work Plan reports for several facilities across Ontario, Canada. These audits were performed to satisfy the regulatory requirements for conducting waste audits and preparing and implementing waste reduction work plans as required under O. Reg. 102/94. Resulting from the on-site solid waste audits, VTX analyzed and compiled the data for inclusion in a letter report.

As part of the data analysis, VTX provided the following:

  • Calculated the overall diversion rate for each facility at the present time;
  • Calculated the total generation, reuse, recycling, and disposal amounts for each facility;
  • Identified reduction, reuse, return-to-vendor, and recycling initiatives for each facility in the format required by the MOECC forms;
  • Completed the MOECC’s Solid Waste Audit Summary forms for each facility; and
  • Completed the MOECC’s Waste Reduction Work Plan forms for each facility.

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