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Construction Project Management and Consulting in Los Angeles, California

VERTEX is a global construction management organization with an international presence that has been operating in California since 1996. We serve public and private clients who require local experts with a comprehensive understanding of the regional or state markets. Our services are available in all major California cities, including San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, and others.

Los Angeles


The Vertex Companies, LLC
12100 Wilshire Blvd 8th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90025
United States

VERTEX experts work with local investors, banks/lenders, insurance companies, sureties, law firms, property developers, industrial owners, and managers. We also distinguish ourselves in the AEC business through expertise in the healthcare industry and our public sector experience, including school and higher education development, military site construction consultation, highway and bridge design, server farms, renewable resources, and environmental cleanups.

Engineering services

Our design engineers are licensed across the U.S., in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Aside from Los Angeles and California, VERTEX also provides civil and structural engineering design services across the United States, as well as Canada, and Mexico.

Services our experts provide include:

  • Structural and building engineering.
  • Land development and civil engineering design.
  • Infrastructure and transportation engineering.
  • Building envelope consulting.
  • Real estate property assessments
  • Mechanical, electrical engineering, and plumbing forensic services

Building envelope consulting service

A building envelope is a shell or enclosure that protects the building structure and everything inside it from outside elements. It plays an essential role in the structure’s energy efficiency by helping prevent external heat, cold, humidity, or water transfer to the interior of a building. It encompasses all the elements that separate the building from the external environment, primarily walls, foundations, roofs, doors, windows, and floors.

Building envelope consultants ensure that:

  • The architect specifies appropriate materials.
  • Substrates are thoroughly inspected before waterproofing.
  • Waterproofing is performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • All product warranties are tracked and documented.

The Los Angeles VERTEX team can assist clients with various building envelope risks, like water intrusion and other problems that may cause damage to the structure and its performance. Our experts can provide the following:

  • Forensic evaluation.
  • Repair suggestions.
  • Renovation plans.
  • Third-party control inspections.
  • AAMA/ASTM water penetration testing.

Construction risk assessment and monitoring in Los Angeles

This service presents an essential part of any risk management plan. However, rectifying the mistakes and dealing with other consequences of a poorly executed plan can be time-consuming and costly for all involved parties. Construction risks should therefore be continuously tracked and monitored throughout the project’s lifecycle. This way, they can be controlled, prevented, and minimized. Our consultants can also use their extensive industry knowledge to oversee construction, identify risks and avoid or mitigate disputes.

When it comes to reliable construction risk management companies in Los Angeles and across the U.S., VERTEX is a trusted source of highly qualified and experienced forensic construction professionals whose expertise helps clients avoid the most common problems. In addition, a deep understanding of each stage of the project and the technical know-how allow us to create holistic solutions by being involved in all phases of the project, including:

  • Market studies.
  • Economic analysis.
  • Technical consulting.
  • Building envelope consulting.
  • Quality assurance (QA).
  • Mechanical and plumbing consulting.
  • Building commissioning.
  • Construction management.
  • Owner’s project management.
  • Permits

Forensic services and expert witnesses in Los Angeles

Real estate development and construction are associated with a wide variety of risks. When it comes to multi-million-dollar projects, every unpredictable element carries the potential of causing significant financial losses due to litigation, inability to follow through with the predetermined plans and timelines, and changing market conditions.

Since disputes that inevitably occur in this industry often need to be resolved in costly litigation, experts must analyze and recreate a project’s complex history during the legal process. This task requires the expertise of development and construction specialists and consultants.

Our forensic consulting services are available across the globe. The expertise and reliability of our seasoned forensic team are built upon thousands of design, development, and construction disputes. Additionally, our engineering design experience enhances our forensic credibility.

We can provide expert consultants and witnesses in Los Angeles and beyond with extensive litigation and deposition experience in various areas, including engineering, architecture, construction, accounting, and the environmental sphere. Our team has worked on a significant number of disputes and responded to numerous natural disasters.

Environmental remediation services

Environmental remediation is the process of construction site assessment for contaminants that can be dangerous to human health. Specialists in environmental remediation coordinate this task and perform site assessments by examining the location to ascertain whether and what contaminants are present. After that, they map the area and take soil or groundwater samples to evaluate the extent of the pollution. And finally, they determine how much effort would be required to remove it.

The analysis of the environmental conditions and risks associated with the presence of hazardous materials and contaminants in the groundwater or soil of a property in Los Angeles and beyond is necessary because certain chemicals can accumulate in the human body over time when people are exposed to high levels from a concentrated source. Checking for their presence at a property location is called the due diligence process.

Environmental Due Diligence

Evaluating real estate for potential risk of environmental contamination is called environmental due diligence. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determines the regulations and standards for this process. These standards specify the type of necessary assessment depending on the property characteristics. This process can be requested by land developers, attorneys, lenders, or private owners who plan to purchase or refinance a property.

Environmental Loss Control Consulting

Safety and risk management information and services are the basis of an effective loss control program. Policyholders can avoid or reduce claims using these programs, while insurance companies can decrease losses. Regarding our clients’ projects, VERTEX can identify conditions and situations that could potentially lead to such loss.