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Reputable Forensic Engineering & Construction Claims Consulting Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

As a global AEC industry leader, VERTEX offers its expert support across the U.S. and worldwide. In all our local offices, including Fort Lauderdale, skilled professionals work with thorough knowledge and understanding of local regulations and the dynamic real estate market in south Florida. This approach helps us create tailored solutions and ensure compliance with local requirements.

Our diverse client base that includes contractors, financial institutions, and law firms provides us the experience to deliver a holistic perspective in creating comprehensive solutions for each new project. We excel in addressing unique challenges and offering construction project risk assessment services globally and locally. Our experienced team is uniquely positioned to provide expert guidance at all stages of your project, assisting project owners, contractors, and stakeholders in making informed decisions and ensuring project success.

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Property condition assessment

Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is a comprehensive evaluation of a property’s physical condition and deficiencies. It’s usually performed during real estate transactions for due diligence purposes. It typically includes a thorough inspection and analysis of all property’s components, including structural, mechanical, and electrical systems and its overall building envelope.

As in most of the country, the property condition assessment process in Broward and Miami-Dade counties follows the guidelines set forth by ASTM’s Baseline Property Condition Assessment (E2018) standard. Our team of professionals go above and beyond to provide three levels of PCA:

  • Level I PCA (ASTM E2018) involves a visual inspection to identify readily observable deficiencies.
  • Level II PCA provides a more detailed inspection by one or more specialists in their respective fields (forensic mechanical engineer, forensic electrical engineer, roofing consultant, etc.). It includes interviews with property personnel and reviewing relevant documents to comprehensively assess the property’s condition.
  • Level III PCA is the highest level of assessment. It requires in-depth investigations, testing, and analysis, often involving a team of specialized professionals who will provide a detailed interpretation of the property’s condition. A comprehensive evaluation within this level extends beyond visual inspection and includes technical services like hydraulic analysis, code consulting, audits and surveys, and PFAS foam retrofit consulting.

These additional assessments offer complete understanding of the property’s condition, compliance with regulations, potential areas for improvement, ensuring a solid basis for informed decision-making.

Fire protection engineering services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Fire protection engineering services rely on a thorough understanding of standards, codes, and modern technologies that impact the cost-effectiveness of fire protection systems. They’re performed by trained engineering teams with vast experience in various facility types like industrial or multi-family/mixed-use residential buildings.

Fire protection consulting services include:

  • fire protection system design,
  • performance-based design,
  • hydraulic analysis,
  • code consulting,
  • audits and surveys,
  • special inspections,
  • hazard identification,
  • third-party review,
  • client negotiation,
  • inspection/testing services.

We specialize in LNG fire protection engineering and provide support for regulatory compliance, risk modeling, safety engineering, and emergency response consulting. Our experts in Fort Lauderdale will evaluate facility requirements and conditions to design fire protection systems, including firewater distribution networks.

We consider existing conditions, specifying pipe routing, fire pump systems, storage tanks, and suppression systems like hydrants, foam, and deluge systems. Our services range from concept to detailed design, and construction administration. VERTEX is your reliable partner for top-tier fire protection services and life safety engineering solutions.

TI contracting

We offer Tenant Improvement contracting services in Fort Lauderdale and the rest of south Florida to a diverse range of different clients. Our specialization spans office, medical, retail, and hospitality construction, accommodating projects with high-end finishes or more economical remodel designs. Whether working with local business owners or national tenants, VERTEX delivers quality and professionalism.

  • Pre-construction TI contracting services encompass conceptual estimating, material review, and value engineering options to align projects with financial feasibility and budget constraints. Throughout this phase, clients can expect careful planning and assessment.
  • General contracting prioritizes quality, safety, and on-time, on-budget project completion. Our team is equipped to handle projects of all sizes, delivering consistent professionalism and results.
  • Integrated engineering design-build services offer construction management, engineering, and architectural services integrated within one dedicated team. This holistic approach enhances project quality and efficiency, ensuring a seamless and expertly executed process.

Environmental remediation services in Fort Lauderdale

Environmental remediation addresses and mitigates environmental risks, and VERTEX excels in providing responsive, professional, creative, and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise includes remediation, construction, demolition, and redevelopment, offering a comprehensive approach to real estate management.

  • Underground storage tank services. We handle residential, commercial, and industrial tank removals, emergency spill response, tank testing, and environmental remediation management. Whether it’s routine compliance or unexpected issues during construction, our experts will address clients’ needs promptly and efficiently.
  • Subsurface & waste assessment involves site characterization and investigations, optimizing scientific and regulatory processes while minimizing unnecessary data collection.
  • Demolition support. We assist with the regulatory, logistical, and technical challenges of demolishing buildings containing regulated materials.
  • Vapor mitigation. Designing and implementing building vapor mitigation systems for volatile contamination areas, ensuring compliance with indoor air protection regulations.
  • Third-party management. VERTEX provides third-party management of environmental contractors, invoice/change order reviews, and design reviews during development and construction.
  • Remedial design & construction. We perform risk assessments, investigations, feasibility studies, design, construction, and operation of remedial systems using various technologies.
  • Environmental risk assessment. Specializing in human health and risk assessments, we streamline construction project risk management in Fort Lauderdale for cost reduction. We navigate USEPA and state regulations to achieve regulatory closure efficiently.

Forensic engineering services

Our forensic engineers in Fort Lauderdale systematically investigate all types of construction-related failures and instances of property damage. We work with insurance companies, law firms, adjusters, and sureties, specializing in structural and civil engineering investigations, mechanical failure assessments, and engineering standard-of-care evaluations.

Structural engineering investigations. Our nationwide team of licensed structural forensic engineers specializes in building structures, retaining walls, and more. We also offer full-service structural engineering design, ensuring up-to-date knowledge of building codes.

Civil engineering investigations. VERTEX’s civil forensic engineers focus on grading, drainage, paving, and site concrete. We stay current with building code changes to provide comprehensive civil engineering design services.

Mechanical failure investigations. We assess building automation and control systems, offering on-site evaluation by licensed engineers. Our expertise covers various systems like chillers, boilers, and plumbing, ensuring efficient operations.

Engineering standard of care assessments. Our experts analyze project documentation and field conditions to determine if the engineer of record met the professional standard of care in construction-related disputes.

VERTEX offers comprehensive forensic engineering services for clear insights into liability and resolution.

Construction claims consulting in Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Construction claims consulting services involve a comprehensive approach to managing claims, pre- and during litigation. We investigate the causes of damage resulting from substandard work, design errors, omissions, and material deficiencies. Our experts assess plaintiff declarations, ensuring reasonable repair scopes and costs. We assist clients in determining responsibility and assigning liability, helping them achieve fair settlements.

Our full-time construction claims consultants excel in assembling affirmative claims, including overpayment, differing site conditions, added scope, delays, and more. They’re equally proficient in rebutting claims against sureties and principals, providing strong testimony in mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Some of our senior experts have testified up to 150+ times in various courts and arbitration settings, covering construction claims, engineering issues, cost estimating, allocation, construction methods, surety completion contracting, and claims administration. We draw upon extensive construction cost data and industry-standard sources to provide accurate and supported claim opinions, ensuring fair resolution in construction disputes.

Surety claims consulting services

Surety claims consulting involves assisting Fort Lauderdale and Miami’s surety providers in managing complex claims related to construction projects. When contractors fail to fulfill their contracts, surety bonds come into play, and VERTEX specializes in evaluating and resolving these claims.

  • Claims evaluation. Our construction, engineering, accounting, and architectural teams have handled numerous payment and performance bond claims across various construction sectors.
  • Performance bond claim consulting. VERTEX has experienced surety claims professionals who offer pre-termination evaluation, termination review, cost-to-complete estimates, project monitoring, and more.
  • Payment bond claim consulting. Engineers, construction managers, architects, and accountants assist surety providers in reviewing payment bond claims ensuring informed decisions based on contracts, laws, construction methods, and fair market values.
  • Construction claims consulting. Dedicated construction claims consultants assemble affirmative claims for various issues, including overpayment, differing site conditions, delays, etc. We can also rebut claims against sureties and provide strong testimony in dispute resolution processes.
  • Expert witness services. Our expert witnesses in Florida have testified in various legal forums, covering construction claims, engineering, cost estimation, construction methods, and surety claims administration.
  • Forensic accounting services. VERTEX offers comprehensive construction accounting analysis, including exposure analysis, payment bond claim accounting, financial evaluation, budgeting, payroll monitoring, and more.
  • Surety completion contracting. We provide completion contracting services for projects where the original contractor fails to finalize their work. We understand the complexities and maintain the surety’s best interests throughout construction.
  • Staff augmentation. Our services include project scheduling, engineering, project management, quality control, safety, construction risk management, and more.
  • Document management. We assist surety providers in digitally retaining essential project documents and ensuring critical information is securely preserved on our cloud server.

Frequently Asked Questions

A forensic engineer is a professional who investigates and analyzes structural and construction-related issues, often in legal cases. They determine the cause of failures, accidents, or defects in buildings and infrastructure and provide expert opinions in Broward & Miami-Dade county courts. These experts bridge the gap between engineering and the legal system to uncover the truth behind complex construction disputes and accidents.

Environmental remediation service involves cleaning up and restoring contaminated sites to protect the environment and public health. It entails tasks including cleaning up soil and groundwater, removing dangerous substances, and regenerating harmed ecosystems. These services are essential for reducing the negative effects of industrial activity on the environment and ensuring that communities live in a safe and healthy environment.

A property’s physical condition is thoroughly assessed in a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) report. The report covers information about the structure of the building, its mechanical systems, its electrical infrastructure, and other elements. This report aids buyers, sellers, and property owners in comprehending the existing condition, prospective problems, and required repairs or upkeep of the property. It’s a useful resource for making informed choices in real estate deals and property management.

In construction, a surety bond refers to a third-party guarantee that a contractor will fulfill their contractual obligations. It’s like an insurance policy that ensures the project’s completion if the contractor fails to do so. Surety claim consulting plays a vital role in mitigating risk and ensuring projects proceed smoothly to completion. This service provides financial security and peace of mind to project owners, ensuring that the work gets done as agreed upon in the contract.

As a respected AEC company in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and throughout the world, VERTEX provides expert services and advisory solutions to a broad spectrum of clients, including the public and private sectors. We sustain an unrivaled standard of quality by working with leading developers, contractors, legal firms, and insurance companies.

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