Construction Services

From expertise in developing a Health & Safety corporate culture to peer reviews, to pre-construction planning, to comprehensive on-site inspections and more, VERTEX works closely with our clients to offer value-added consulting that prevents injuries and/or reduces exposures. Whether your organization has a well-defined Health & Safety program that requires auditing or updating for compliance, or you need to establish a brand new program, VERTEX’s Occupational Health & Safety Services professionals will partner with you to ensure that the Health & Safety goals of your organization will be met. 

Often times, unfortunately, clients come to us after an incident has already occurred. Our clients trust VERTEX’s Health & Safety experts to help them navigate the investigation process and provide expert opinions in legal matters that result from this type of incident. VERTEX is unique in the industry as our team members have both real-world H&S experience and forensic H&S experience. 

Incident Investigation

  • Inspect site/scene and photo documentation for the incident
  • Interview witnesses
  • Review the scene and documents to determine cause, origin and accountability
  • Provide corrective actions required; advise on sharing lessons learned
  • Train employees on how to avoid repeated incidents
  • Provide expert testimony and report of opinion

When are these services needed?

  • Following an incident
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Assist attorneys handling incident cases

Expert Witness Testimony

  • Inspect site/scene, photo documentation and depositions
  • Review the scene and documents to determine cause, origin and accountability
  • Research OSHA, federal, state, and industry required standards
  • Provide expert testimony and report of opinion

When are these services needed?

  • Following an incident
  • Following an OSHA citation

Technical Programming & Training

  • Corporate safety manuals
  • Range of programs: fall protection, lock-out/tag-out, PPE, etc.
  • Employee training in each technical topic learned:
    – OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Construction Training
    – HAZWOPER 40 hour and 8 hour refresher training
    – Respirator awareness training, respirator fit-testing 
    – Aerial and scissor lift training
    – ISNetworld and Avetta pre-qualification approvals

When are these services needed?

  • Following an OSHA inspection/or before, for more proactive organizations
  • Following an incident
  • When companies change manufacturing lines or processes

H&S Auditing

  • Construction sites
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities 
    – Workplace exposure assessments
  • 3rd party verification of OSHA regulation compliance
  • Compliance reporting for insurance policies

When are these services needed?

  • Proactive clients
  • Following an OSHA audit with deficiencies identified

H&S Consulting & Management Services

  • Hazard recognition and prioritization instruction
  • Corporate H&S Programs
  • Safety Observations & Feedback
  • Communications including C-level and boardroom discussions on H&S Return on Investment
  • Mentoring
  • Incident investigations and sharing of lessons learned
  • Labor/Management Safety Committees

When are these services needed?

  • Following a serious incident
  • Following a merger or acquisition

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Key Personnel

Philip Platcow

Philip Platcow, CIH, MS

Senior Vice President, Health & Safety Programs

Philip Platcow has 34 years of professional experience as a leader in industrial hygiene, and occupational and environmental health. He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and has worked across a range of industries including energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, insurance, food and beverage and construction. He has served as the Global Director of Health and Safety for several environmental, health and safety consulting and engineering firms, assessing risk and exposures, and establishing safety culture and policies based on best practices for the work environments of his firms and clients. He has created a specialty in the area of safety culture. 

Kevin Heffernan

Kevin Heffernan, CSHO

Vice President, Construction Health & Safety

Kevin Heffernan is VERTEX’s Vice President of Construction Health & Safety. He is an authorized OSHA Construction and HAZWOPER Trainer and has performed numerous training seminars for both Domestic and International clients. Mr. Heffernan is a licensed New York City Site Safety Manager as well as an active member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and National Fire Protection Association. He has managed the Health & Safety requirements for contractors performing the demolition of an industrial facility as well as the construction of a seven-story apartment complex.