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Market Research & Real Estate Economics

VERTEX provides real estate research and advisory services to owners, developers, and investors to help them make informed decisions on market opportunities to achieve success.

Gathering the data for market research is the easy part of today’s world. Turning that information into actionable opportunities, however, still requires an expert’s insight and experience.

VERTEX helps clients by providing the most critical element in market research– the strategy and analysis that connects the data points, creating sound real estate development recommendations. Our insights deliver a nuanced view of the real estate market to stakeholders, allowing them to make bold informed decisions on their investment and development strategy.

By reaching a deeper understanding of trends and dynamic market forces on a project, VERTEX’s clients are empowered to respond to and leverage market changes to work to their advantage.

Capital Needs Partnership Services

VERTEX offers examination and observation of specific systems and components in the property or a portfolio of properties, including structure, mechanical, electrical, roof, fire protection, landscaping, parking areas, and interior units/bedrooms. We prepare written reports following ASTM standards, summarizing the property condition, capital expenditure requirements over a 20-year timeframe, and repair recommendations.

Standard or Comprehensive Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Services

VERTEX provides Standard or Comprehensive Property Condition Assessment (PCA) services, including evaluation of various aspects such as construction documents, structural elements, mechanical, plumbing, electrical systems, roof, fire protection, landscaping, parking areas, and interior units. The assessment is conducted in accordance with ASTM standards. Read more about VERTEX’s PCA services.

Economic & Market Research Services

VERTEX’s consulting team provides a broad range of economic and market research services for public and private clients. For investors, we can provide high-level economic overviews and forecasting in major metropolitan areas, providing them due diligence insight on supply & demands, product competition, market risks, and opportunities. For developers, our team can provide fiscal impact reports of residential and commercial developments and other economic-related studies focused on their specific projects.

VERTEX’s Adaptive Re-Use Add Alternative services involve assisting the client with rezoning for the project, acting as the client’s representative with the Senior Debt Lender, providing construction documentation, and conducting an ASTM Property Condition Assessment, including specialist subconsultants as needed for the chosen property.

Real Estate Advisory and Adaptive Re-Use Services

VERTEX helps advise owners, developers and businesses on matters related to real estate. Our consultants can provide proforma analysis of single property up to entire asset portfolios. For properties in need of appraisals, we can provide valuation and appraisal services from an economics perspective. We can also help advise on topics such as succession planning, changing asset holding strategies, and methods to handle changing policies and regulations.

Adaptive Re-Use Due Diligence Services

In the Adaptive Re-Use due diligence, VERTEX meets with the client to obtain project details and works with their real estate broker to identify prospective properties. We conduct an ASTM Property Condition Assessment walk-thru of short-listed properties to define the chosen property and provide estimates of impact, plan review, and permit fees, as well as rough order-of-magnitude cost and preliminary development budgets for the client’s adaptive re-use project.

Adaptive Re-Use Preconstruction Phase Services

In the Preconstruction Phase, VERTEX meets with the client to review due diligence findings and schematic design, proposing a preconstruction phase team and short-list of General Contractors (GCs). We negotiate GC preconstruction phase agreements, obtain proposals from preconstruction phase team and GCs, and facilitate destructive demolition as needed to define scope of work. VERTEX works with the GC and preconstruction phase team to finalize contract sums and exhibits for client execution upon loan closing.

Adaptive Re-Use Construction Phase Services

During the Construction Phase, VERTEX monitors construction progress, attends OAC Meetings, and tracks permits and invoices/pay applications. we prepare loan draw requests, respond to lender inquiries, and oversee the General Contractor’s work until project completion. VERTEX obtains required documentation, manages project files, and coordinates with authorities for TCO and CofO. The Add Alternative includes rezoning services and an ASTM Property Condition Assessment utilizing specialist subconsultants as needed.


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