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VERTEX Office Locations VERTEX Office Locations

Professional Construction Management and Forensic Services in Boston, Massachusetts

VERTEX’s Massachusetts offices, including the one in Boston, are some of the largest in our office network. Our team’s deep understanding of local permitting, rules, and regulations has cemented us as one of the leading AEC companies on a global level. Decades of experience, consistent quality and excellence, and presence in the industry has allowed us to provide the most accurate and professional consulting services tailored to a myriad of project types.



The Vertex Companies, LLC
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Our Weymouth location is VERTEX’s headquarters, and opened in 1995.  Our Boston and Norwood offices have been operating since 2009. Our team of multidisciplinary experts can meet the demands of both private and public clients, including large-scale and long-term engineering, construction, and environmental projects. In addition, we are well-versed in all local building codes, regulations, and laws, so you can rest assured that no aspect of your project will get overlooked.

Owner’s Project Management

In Massachusetts, beginning in 2004, state General Law (MGL) Chapter 193 of the Acts of 2004 inserted a new provision into M.G.L. c. 149, § 44, which governs public building procurement, requiring public awarding authorities to engage the services of an Owner’s Project Manager on all building projects estimated to cost $1.5 million or more. Learn more about the law governing this role and the duties of an Owner’s Project Manager in Massachusetts.

Owner’s project management involves planning the construction project and overseeing all phases of its progress. This includes coordination, development plans, managing expenses and budget, and keeping track of schedules. The owner’s project manager also hires and supervises workers and subcontractors, obtains the necessary materials and equipment, and drafts contracts.

Owner’s Representation in Boston

SImilar to an OPM, owners’ representation is a service hired by a project owner to represent and protect their interests during the entire project development process. This includes location selection, design, obtaining permits, and construction. The owners’ representative is the person who serves as a liaison that makes sure that the owners’ interests are looked after and carried out appropriately.

They do so by monitoring, as opposed to managing, different elements, and tasks throughout the development process. This can include making sure that everything is on time and within budget. In addition, VERTEX’s experts and representatives have vast experience with all aspects of civil and structural engineering in Boston and beyond, allowing them to keep the project owner in the loop and report about progress and any potential issues during the entire process.


Expert witness and forensic services in Boston

VERTEX provides forensic consulting and expert witness services to international and domestic clients. Our dependable and knowledgeable team has worked on thousands of development, conduction, and design claims and disputes. In addition, extensive experience in engineering design enables our experts to act as reliable forensic witnesses.

If it comes to depositions and litigation, we can make sure you have the best team on your side; one that has used its construction, architecture, engineering, accounting, and environmental experience to respond to thousands of natural disasters and disputes.

There’s a wide variety of risks in construction and real estate development. Unpredictable events can lead to significant economic loss due to failure to meet established timelines and plans, adapt to market changes, or get involved in litigation. This is particularly true for valuable multimillion-dollar projects, although even smaller investors and contractors can suffer significant losses.

Our construction expert witnesses will ensure you always have the upper hand in all areas, whether you need a forensic mechanical engineer or architect, or electrical engineer expert witness in Boston.

Environmental remediation

Our environmental remediation services in Boston include searching a building site for pollutants that could harm human health. This process is performed and overseen by environmental remediation experts. First, they conduct site evaluations by inspecting the area in question to determine whether and what toxins are present. Then, they map the area and collect soil or groundwater samples to establish the extent of the pollution. According to the collected information, they can then calculate the scope of work needed to eliminate it.

This is one of the essential processes in construction because prolonged exposure to elevated levels from a concentrated source can cause certain chemicals to build up in the human body over time. Therefore, a thorough investigation of the environmental conditions and potential dangers connected with their presence in the soil or groundwater is performed through a due diligence process.

Environmental due diligence

The job of environmental due diligence is to examine and identify any potential recognized environmental conditions (RECs). This is done by a team of experts who follow standards and regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These rules and standards establish necessary evaluation practices according to the particular characteristics of each location and property in Boston and other places across the US. Contractors, land developers, lenders, attorneys, private owners, or certain government entities can request due diligence services.

Industrial hygiene

Industrial hygiene is the process used to identify, assess, and control construction sites and other workplace environmental hazards. Various types of contaminants can negatively affect not only the construction workers’ health and well-being, but also entire communities that are located in the vicinity.

It’s the job of firms like VERTEX to provide industrial hygiene consulting by implementing control measures to respond to potential workplace hazards. Effective practices like these, conducted by industrial hygienist companies, help protect employees and local community members from various injuries, poisonings, or respiratory and skin conditions. One of the ways to protect workers is by using adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This improves safety levels and helps prevent exposure to potential hazards.

Property condition assessments

Property condition assessment (PCA) is a type of real estate investigation. Its purpose is to give clients accurate details about the Boston property they’re interested in buying, leasing, maintaining, or financing. This process is also known as a commercial building or residential property inspection.

The assessment can also include tenant improvement (TI) contracting, which helps commercial building owners to protect their long-term investment goals. TI contractors specialize in rental units and use their construction expertise to improve value for the building owners and increase rentability.

This service can be invaluable in many cases, so investors often use PCAs, as part of the environmental due diligence process. This helps avoid unplanned costs and allows for risk mitigation and the opportunity to renegotiate the price according to the property’s actual condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction forensic investigations consist of gathering all the necessary data to perform an analysis and conclude if mistakes were made during any phase of the design or construction process. Using modern tools and technology, forensic expert witnesses can discover and present evidence that can be used for any potential legal proceedings. As a result, it can help avoid litigation or, if that’s not possible, build a compelling case.

Since environmental remediation services involve detecting and removing contaminating materials from potential construction sites in Boston, the established procedures concentrate on the following:

  • Soil remediation involves established processes and techniques to remove contaminants from the soil.
  • Sediment remediation involves studying the physical and chemical characteristics of soil and water mixtures made of clay, organic matter, or hydrated oxides and then using remediation techniques to reduce contaminants or at least minimize their presence and reduce them to less harmful levels.
  • Groundwater remediation analyzes the quality of ground and surface water sources. It determines if they present a threat to human health and if they can safely be used for the intended purposes. First, groundwater must be pumped out to evaluate and determine the contamination source. After that, several methods can be used to restore the property to a healthier state. They include the use of:
    • Pumping systems
    • In situ treatments
    • Biodegradation
    • Interceptor systems
    • Groundwater barrier systems.

Industrial hygiene consulting firms in Boston and beyond deal with the environmental influences and factors present in the workplace or emerging from specific construction processes. Some of them may involve illness or impair one’s health, while others can cause inefficiency and discomfort among workers or construction location community members.

An effective industrial hygiene program involves four main elements:

  • Anticipation
  • Recognition and identification.
  • Assessment/Evaluation
  • Control

After the potential hazard has been identified, an appropriate set of measures is applied to control, reduce the exposure, and prevent injuries and possible diseases.

Owners’ representative works with the project owner to provide a wide selection of services during all phases of a construction project. This is a way to ensure fluid processes and meet complex demands more quickly. Owners’ representation requires expertise in all areas of the construction process.

An owner’s representative is a member of the project team. Still, the difference is that they work under a special contract with the project owner. They can oversee the entire project, including the initial planning and design, construction, and final phases. They work in the owners’ best interest, report to them directly, and offer unbiased advice.

Almost three decades of commitment to expertise and excellence in all construction-related areas made VERTEX one of the most trusted and prestigious companies with a local and international presence. We collaborate with top law firms, developers, sureties, insurance carriers, and contractors across Boston and other parts of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

You can find out more about our high-expertise assistance in Massachusetts. We provide a wide range of services, including:

We provide services to both private and public clients, so don’t hesitate to call or submit an inquiry to find out what our value-driven company can do for you.