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VERTEX offers expert QA/QC services, providing effective planning, site inspection, and monitoring to ensure your completed building meets the expected quality standards.

In the construction industry, quality is a measure of excellence in how well a finished building meets the owner and end user’s needs and requirements. Whether you’re a building owner, architect, contractor, or construction manager, quality is the primary goal of any construction project you undertake.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are two complementary components of a greater concept: Quality Management. To achieve success in a construction project and prevent additional expenses and potential problems, both QA and QC must be effectively planned and implemented.

VERTEX provides QA and QC services for commercial and residential construction projects across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. From independent plan reviews to comprehensive construction site inspections, we carefully listen to our clients and work alongside them to ensure their needs are met in a cost-efficient and precise manner.


Residential Quality Assurance for Homebuilders

For developers and builders in the single- and multi-family sectors, a robust Quality Assurance (QA) program helps them achieve their quality standards and manage the risks of construction defect litigation. VERTEX’s team helps clients ensure building code compliance is met and the workmanship of their crews meet their quality goals.

The VERTEX’s ICC-certified inspectors provide crucial constructability analysis and plan reviews before construction begins. We also handle responsive quality control site inspections during the community’s construction phases in line with the project schedule.


Building Envelope Consulting

Our building envelope consultants work alongside engineers, architects, facility managers, general contractors, and building owners to identify and resolve energy, water, or air leaks in exterior walls, roofs, or subgrade waterproofing. VERTEX’s team is well-versed in all aspects of building envelope performance. We ensure that your building enclosures are highly durable and provide outstanding protection from the elements.


Building Commissioning

Building commissioning (Cx) is a systematic process to ensure that a building’s systems perform as designed and that the owner’s efficiency strategies and lifecycle costs are met. VERTEX supplies Cx services for both new construction and existing buildings. Our team will work with your project designers, contractors, and stakeholders throughout the pre-construction phases, as well as during occupancy.

During the pre-construction stage of your project, we will perform a professional documentation review and help in the development of the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and Basis of Design (BOD). During construction, our Cx experts will verify that the building’s systems are implemented properly, as well as prepare manuals and documentation for maintenance and operations personnel. After occupancy, our Cx specialists can provide additional testing to develop specific reports, such as attaining sustainability certifications.


Construction Loss Control Consulting

VERTEX helps policyholders and insurance firms lessen the risk of construction claims and reduce the severity of those that do occur through the implementation of effective construction loss control programs. Our team performs extensive pre-construction phase assessments and construction site inspections to identify situations or conditions associated with your buildings, projects, and operations that present a risk of loss. We also help ensure they are designed, installed, and managed correctly to prevent costly lawsuits.


Full-service construction site inspection, quality assurance & quality control

VERTEX offers QA/QC services and extensive site inspections for both commercial and residential construction projects in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. From professional building envelope consulting for both new and existing construction to comprehensive building system commissioning and retro-commissioning services, we carefully listen to our clients and work closely with them to meet their needs.


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Residential Quality Assurance

VERTEX construction consultants offer residential Quality Assurance services to homebuilders and developers in California.

Construction Loss Control Consulting

VERTEX’s construction experts work to proactively reduce the possibility that a loss will occur during construction and mitigate the severity of those that do occur.

Construction Health & Safety Services

VERTEX provides Health & Safety Consulting and Management services globally to a variety of clients.

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Quality assurance ensures the delivery of quality products and prevents defects by implementing planned and systematic activities over the course of the project. A QA program consists of rigorous measures that aim not only to ensure construction code compliance and safety, but also to save money and time related to substandard quality on site. It also establishes benchmarks and provides means of continuous improvement. Its steps are carried out ‘before the fact’, not after it. To learn the difference between QA and quality control, read here.

When applied effectively, a QA program provides confidence and assurance that the quality of workmanship and materials incorporated into the project comply with requirements and specifications of the plan.

Crucial benefits of QA include:

Fulfilling quality requirements, codes and regulations

When designing a building, it’s important to identify the requirements of the design and adhere to local and state codes and standards. To achieve quality construction, every builder should realize the significance of investing in a comprehensive QA plan. QA consultants are familiar with construction and building laws, codes, and regulations. They will make certain that the highest industry standards are applied every step of the way.

Ensuring that quality materials are used on site and solid workmanship is achieved

An effective independent quality assurance program encompasses all construction activities and materials so that they requirements and achieve the structure’s performance goals. An experienced QA team can not only perform a third-party review of the plan, but also conduct a site inspection and provide a constructability analysis.