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Balcony Assurance

VERTEX provides balcony and deck inspection services for multifamily properties to comply with inspection requirements and help manage the risks of failing building systems.

Elevated Exterior Elements (EEE) are common accessways and amenities that multifamily and condominium residents enjoy. However, the failure of these structures have caused major injury and even loss of life. To ensure the safety and structural integrity of balconies, decks, stairs, and landings, multiple states have passed laws to require periodic inspection of EEEs for apartments (SB 721) and condos (SB 326).

VERTEX provides apartment owners, property managers, and community associations EEE Inspection services that help stakeholders manage risk and achieve compliance with California’s laws. Our diverse inspection team of architects, engineers, and contractors brings decades of experience in the design, construction, and diagnostic inspection of multifamily buildings.

We are the industry leaders in this field, utilizing cutting-edge testing technology with our forensic expertise to perform the inspections in a cost-effective manner.


SB 721 Balcony and Deck Inspections for Apartments

VERTEX’s Balcony Assurance professionals can provide EEE inspections and reports for multifamily properties that need to comply with SB 721 requirements. Utilizing our team’s deep forensic experience with our screening & inspection process, we can evaluate the selected sample’s structural integrity and the working order of the waterproofing systems. Our detailed reports give proactive building owners and property managers concise, actionable information on any issues that need addressing. With our follow-up repair inspections and reports, our clients have peace of mind that requirements are exceeded and their exterior elevated elements are in compliance.


SB 326 EEE Inspections for Condos & HOAs

VERTEX’s Balcony Assurance services are specifically designed to comply with SB 326. Our team of qualified engineers and architects is trained to follow the law’s rigorous sampling and inspection requirements. With our carefully developed processes and methodology, we are capable of providing in-depth and cost-effective evaluations of each EEE, including load-bearing component integrity, the condition of their waterproofing systems, and the expected useful life of the balcony, deck, stairway, and elevated walkway. Our reports are stamped per SB 326 requirements and include detailed analysis of any issues that need addressing and repair recommendations.


San Francisco Housing Code 604 Inspections

For clients in the San Francisco jurisdiction, VERTEX can provide detailed inspections of EEEs, metal decks, fire escapes, and other exterior appendages required by the city’s Department of Building Inspection. Utilizing our Balcony Assurance processes and experienced professionals, property owners can feel peace of mind that they have thorough and actionable information for structural maintenance to keep their buildings in compliance with the city’s public health & safety standards.


Need Help Learning which EEE inspection requirements apply to your property?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about California’s Balcony Inspection laws, our library of balcony inspection articles, or contact us below.


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