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VERTEX strategically targets firms that can help round out our service offerings in regional markets. We can make either partial (51% minimum) or full acquisitions of target companies.

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If you are a domestic or international firm and interested in partnering with VERTEX, please contact VERTEX’s CFO, Marc Fiore at (781) 952-6000 or at marc.fiore@vertexeng.com.

For more information on VERTEX’s recent acquisitions, please contact VERTEX at 888.298.5162 or via email at ldehner@vertexeng.com.

Optistar Technology Consultants

On May 9, 2016, VERTEX entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire certain assets of Optistar Technology Consultants (“Optistar”), an international information technology consulting firm. The Optistar acquisition served VERTEX in two major ways. First, Mark Jordan and certain Optistar team members became full time employees, enhancing our IT infrastructure and support needs. Second, the acquisition allowed VERTEX to offer IT related technical solutions consistent with our mission statement of providing our customers with technical solutions to solve their challenges. This acquisition serves as an example of our ongoing strategic plan to enhance our forensic service offerings.

The acquisition also included the assets of Optistar’s Sarl, a Switzerland based company. Jeffrey Picard, President and Co-Founder of The Vertex Companies, Inc. said, “We have worked with Mark Jordan and his team at Optistar for the past 18 years and we are excited about the prospects of adding these services to our portfolio of technical solutions for our customers. The acquisition also strengthens our international footprint as Optistar has worked on projects throughout Europe and South America.”

According to Mark Jordan, President and founder of Optistar, “VERTEX has served as a customer for Optistar for many years. With our extensive knowledge of VERTEX’s management team and our mutual success over the past two decades this is an obvious transition for Optistar. VERTEX will give us the reach and support to grow our IT services at an increased rate and the transaction will provide a significant growth opportunity for our employees.”

Vertex McGlamery, Inc. (VMI)

In July 2014, McGlamery Engineering Group, LLC of Colorado (McGlamery) became Vertex McGlamery, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Vertex Companies, Inc.

McGlamery provides structural and civil engineering services for residential and commercial projects throughout the country. The acquisition supports VERTEX’s goal of maintaining turnkey solutions for its clients. When asked about the changes that the acquisition has brought to McGlamery, Lance VanDemark, P.E., Division Manager of Civil Engineering states, “Working within the Vertex Companies allows McGlamery to utilize extensive expertise and resources to help drive jobs to their successful completion. Their [VERTEX’s] broad range of clients and knowledge base has also allowed us to diversify our range of expertise and create synergy between the design services of McGlamery and the engineering services of The Vertex Companies.”

Technical Construction Services, Inc. (TCS)

In early 2013, VERTEX entered into an agreement to purchase certain assets of the electrical and mechanical firm, Technical Construction Services, Inc. (TCS).

Headquartered in Westwood, Massachusetts, TCS is a power and control specifier, supplier, and installation company. Mr. Dan Regan, President of TCS, has seen positive changes in his company since the agreement was finalized. When discussing the VERTEX family of companies with Mr. Regan he stated, “Since joining the VERTEX companies, TCS has been able to improve our services, stream line our processes and better serve our existing clients’ by providing ‘turn-key’ solutions to their energy, environmental, and construction needs. Our partnership with VERTEX has allowed us to develop lasting relationships with new clients and broaden our client services.”

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