VERTEX employee-owners embrace diversity because it makes us a better, stronger, and more talented company. Diversity helps us to innovate, collaborate; it inspires us to provide the best service, and fuels us as a leading AEC firm.

Culture of Inclusion

At VERTEX, we support, foster, and invest in our employee-owners’ success through a culture of inclusion. Our goals are for our employees to feel a sense of belonging and to understand how their role impacts the organization. Everyone has a voice and their uniqueness is valued. By valuing differences and creating a productive environment with respect and trust, we hope to help our employees reach their own maximum potential by drawing on their talents to achieve both their personal growth and our organizational goals. This culture is reflected in our core values and is supported throughout our organization. 

Diversity Committee

VERTEX’s Diversity Committee was founded by our employee-owners with the goal of promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our company, with our clients and vendors, and within our local communities. The Diversity Committee meets bi-monthly to guide overall diversity and inclusion efforts for the company and to advocate for the different experiences and priorities of all employees. 

Education and Outreach 

Our employee-owners are provided with Diversity and Inclusion training to understand the importance of fostering a diverse workforce. In addition, we provide training opportunities to management to reduce unconscious bias in the selection or evaluation of employees.

VERTEX’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends into our communities. Our employee-owners have been invited to speak with students at local colleges and universities about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and on campus. As part of our recruiting efforts, we cultivate relationships with community groups and participate in events targeted to attracting diverse candidates. We strive for a fair and consistent selection process.

Women’s Resource Group

The VERTEX Women’s Resource Group was launched to address career challenges faced by women at VERTEX, in the AEC field, and in the workplace as a whole. The primary focus in 2018 has been the creation of monthly calls that serve to educate employees about the issues women face at work, provide training and mentorship to promote career development, and assist leadership in understanding what challenges exist within the company in order to identify attainable solutions. VERTEX extends this opportunity to any employee, male or female, to present, participate, and learn. 

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