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About VERTEX Canada (VTX Consulting Services Inc.)

After years of providing services to our clients operating in Canada, The Vertex Companies officially opened VTX in 2013.

The Vertex Companies Inc. (Vertex ) is a global provider of Environmental Consulting, Construction Management, Air Quality and Energy services. VTX Consulting Services Inc. (VTX), Vertex’s Canadian subsidiary, offers a wide range of strategic and technical teams with first class services; as well as experienced professionals from various technical and business backgrounds. Our reputation for excellence, both in terms of quality of service results on time and within budget is spreading throughout Canada. We have earned the trust of a prestigious clientele that includes Fortune 100 companies as well as boutique companies in a wide variety of business.

VTX’s mission is to provide viable and economical solutions to our client’s environmental, construction, air quality, energy and engineering problems and to work together with them to master the challenges of environmental health & safely on projects with a high degree of strategic and technical expertise.

With VTX’s offices located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) we are able to provide our clients with unparalleled service within the Province and across the Canada. VTX will continue to grow its operations expanding our expertise in all service areas and remain committed to achieving the highest levels of service for our clients.

Since VTX’s inception, we have supported our clientele in the areas of: Civil and Structural Engineering, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Phase II ESAs, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Site Remediation, Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), Environmental Audits, Environmental Claims Investigations/Management, 3R’s Solid Waste Audits, Construction Management, Litigation/Arbitration Support, Environmental Health & Safety Services (EHS), Environmental Permitting, Energy Consulting and Air Quality Services.

VTX provides structural and civil engineering services for retail, industrial and mixed use residential and commercial clients. Our engineers support our clients with a shared focus on delivering creative, economically sound solutions and responsive, personalized service.

VTX provides the highest level of responsive, innovative, and economical structural engineering and civil engineering services to our clients. Whether you require complete structural engineering and/or civil engineering services or only system selection studies, let VTX assist you with your next project. We can provide preparation of ACAD contract drawings, preparation of design specifications, preliminary cost estimation, shop drawing review, and construction phase services as well. We have extensive experience in the design of architectural structures and are familiar with all conventional types of construction in addition to being able to provide extensive land development services.

Civil & Structural Engineering Services

VTX provides complete structural engineering services including system selection studies through final design, preparation of ACAD contract drawings, preparation of specifications, preliminary cost estimation, shop drawing review, and construction phase services. VTX provides a wide range of civil engineering needs that include everything from comprehensive land and site development, to Stormwater Management Design and Planning services.

The Civil engineers at VTX strive to design and build functional and sustainable civil engineering solutions with innovative and reliable techniques. We are dedicated to devise superior systems, such as transportation and water-supply networks. Maintaining an open-minded working relationship with all stakeholders involved in the project, whether architect, contractor, other consultants or the owner, combined with our experience is the source of our success.

The Structural engineers at VTX are dedicated to the service of architecture as a profession and as an institution. While fulfilling the need for structure, we strive to help foster excellence in architecture through innovative thought, interactive design, and an undivided focus on the architectural design. We take great pride in transferring and interpreting architectural design into three-dimensional reality.


Le Vertex Companies Inc. (VERTEX) est un fournisseur mondial de services dans les domaines de conseil en environnement, gestion de la construction, conseil en énergie et qualité de l’air. Après plusieurs années de fournir des services au Canada, VERTEX a officiellement ouvert les portes de sa filiale canadienne VTX Consulting Services Inc. (VTX) en 2013. Vertex continue d’augmenter notre engagement au Canada avec des investissements en cours et de la formation et continue d’élargir notre offre de services à VTX d’inclure Phase I évaluations environnementales de site (EES), AES Phase II, hydrogéologie des contaminants, de dépollution, de propriété évaluations de l’état (APC), audits environnementaux, les revendications environnementales enquêtes, la gestion des sinistres de l’environnement, gestion de la construction, de la santé environnementale et les services de sécurité (EHS), permis environnementaux, solides et gestion des déchets liquides, Energy Consulting et qualité de l’air services.