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VTX Consulting Services Inc. 
A subsidiary of The Vertex Companies, Inc. of Weymouth, MA
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VERTEX has registered geoscientists, engineers, construction experts and surety professionals licensed to practice throughout Canada.


After years of providing services to our clients operating in Canada, in late 2013, The Vertex Companies, Inc. (VERTEX), officially opened its Canadian subsidiary, VTX Consulting Services Inc., (VTX).

VTX offers first-class Forensic Consulting, Engineering Design, Construction and Environmental solutions across Canada. We have experienced professionals from various technical and business backgrounds across Canada to support a national and international client base. Our reputation for excellence has spread throughout Canada and we’ve earned the trust of a prestigious clientele. Customers serviced include Fortune 100 companies as well as boutique firms in a wide variety of business sectors including but not limited to: commercial, industrial, financial, land development corporations, property management companies, automotive, food industry petroleum, and petrochemical companies.

VTX is headquartered within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); we provide unparalleled service within the Province of Ontario and across Canada with technical staff located from coast to coast. Since 2013, VTX has continued to grow its operations, expanding our expertise in all service areas as we remain committed to achieving the highest levels of service for our clients.

Our Professional Geoscientists and Professional Engineers are certified by the Association of Professional Geoscientists (APGO) and Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), respectively, to practice in Ontario.


VTX’s mission is to make a positive difference in the world through our work product and growth culture. 

Our technical consulting and contracting solutions help to: create state-of-the-art structures, clean up oil and hazardous material, support catastrophic response efforts, resolve project disputes, and solve a wide array of technical challenges. Our growth culture provides employees with a rewarding long-term platform for professional development. VTX strives to master the challenges of environmental health & safety on projects with a high degree of strategic and technical expertise.

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Since VTX’s inception, we have supported our clientele with solutions in the areas of forensic consulting, engineering design, construction and environmental across Canada. 

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VTX takes pride in providing superior services and quality consulting. Environmental experts specialize in the areas of Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I/II ESAs and Property Condition Assessments [PCAs], Contaminant Hydrogeology, Site Remediation & Facility Closure, Environmental Compliance Audits, 3Rs Solid Waste Audits, Industrial Hygiene, Designated Substances Surveys/Hazmat Surveys, Indoor Air Quality Assessments (IAQs), Subslab Soil Vapour Surveys, Building Water Systems, Environmental Health & Safety Services (EHS), Environmental Permitting (Air) and Energy Consulting. 

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 Forensic Consulting

VERTEX offers Forensic consulting services throughout the globe on matters that involve construction claims, construction defects, restoration projects and property damage caused by weather events. VTX is a strong leader in surety consulting across Canada. 

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Engineering Design

VTX provides structural and civil engineering design services for retail, industrial and mixed-use residential and commercial clients. Our engineers support our clients with a shared focus on delivering creative, economically sound solutions and responsive, personalized service.

VTX provides complete structural engineering services including system selection studies through final design, preparation of ACAD contract drawings, preparation of specifications, preliminary cost estimation, shop drawing review, and construction phase services. VTX provides a wide range of civil engineering needs that include everything from comprehensive land and site development, to Stormwater Management Design and Planning services.

The Structural engineers at VTX are dedicated to the service of architecture as a profession and as an institution. While fulfilling the need for structure, we strive to help foster excellence in architecture through innovative thought, interactive design, and an undivided focus on the architectural design. We take great pride in transferring and interpreting architectural design into three-dimensional reality.

The Civil engineers at VTX strive to design and build functional and sustainable civil/structural engineering solutions with innovative and reliable techniques. We are dedicated to devising superior systems, such as transportation and water-supply networks. Maintaining an open-minded working relationship with all stakeholders involved in the project, whether architect, contractor, other consultants or the owner, combined with our experience is the source of our success.

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VTX’s construction solutions include: owner’s representation/program management, commercial interior/tenant improvement contracting, reconstruction/restoration contracting, and completion contracting.

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Key Personnel

Michael Cugino

Michael Cugino, P.Geo, QPESA, P.Geol.

Principal Geoscientist, Executive Vice President

Michael Cugino is the Principal Geoscientist and Executive Vice President of VERTEX’s Canadian operations (VTX Consulting Services Inc. [VTX]) based in the Greater Toronto Area. Mr. Cugino has over 33 years of applied professional experience in both the private and public sectors related to business, environmental management and protection, and construction management. He is a licensed Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.) in both Ontario and Saskatchewan and a licensed Professional Geologist (P.Geol.) in Alberta. He is licensed with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment as a Qualified Person (QP), pursuant to Ontario’s Brownfield Legislation, Ontario Regulation 153/04, (168.3 (2). Part XV.1.

Christopher Farias

Christopher Farias, Ph.D., MRACI; C Chem.

Environmental Scientist, Division Manager

Christopher Farias, Ph.D. is a Senior Environmental Health & Safety Professional with over 25 years of consulting experience in the fields of environmental due diligence assessments, contaminated site investigations, remediation and EHS compliance audits. He excels in the identification and assessment of environmental liabilities related to industrial operational activity, global multi-million dollar property and business transactions, redevelopment, and expansion of industrial facilities and infrastructure. Christopher possesses extensive international experience in completing projects for numerous multinational clients in the regions of North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

Andrew Zagorski

Andrew Zagorski

Division Manager, Surety

Andrew Zagorski joined VTX Consulting Services Inc. in January 2017 and has a background in the Risk Management and Finance Industry. As Division Manager of the Canadian Construction Group, he has managed numerous complex projects throughout Canada; including overseeing trade monitoring on a $650 MM Medical Facility Project. Mr. Zagorski’s project experience includes water treatment facilities, institutional project completions, infrastructure projects as well as managing multiple site projects with various private and public owners. Services include site inspections to mitigate construction defects and potential project losses, monitoring site review, performing schedule analysis, subcontract management and owner liaison for project completion.

In addition to project management, Mr. Zagorski has been involved with various construction associations and has been a forum guest speaker at the Surety Association of Canada 2017 AGM as well as serving on the board of directors for a local Construction Association in Western Canada. Mr. Zagorski continues to develop VTX’s brand recognition and build client relations throughout Canada.


VERTEX Speaking at the Surety Association of Canada AGM Young Professionals Event

September 22, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Zagorski, Division Manager of VERTEX’s Canadian subsidiary, VTX Consulting Services Inc., will be speaking at the Surety Association of Canada Young Professionals Event on Thursday, September 28th. The event, generously sponsored by Travelers, will cover the ‘2 of the Cs of Surety: Character & Claims’.  Surety professionals know the…

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Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) Support Short and Long-Term Capital Planning for Real Estate Owners

May 31, 2017

VERTEX’s Eric Nelson recently provided training to VTX in Toronto on Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), an engineering due diligence service. Our clients’ can attest to the fact that ownership of commercial property requires a continually evolving plan with regard to maintenance, repairs, and long-term capital planning. PCAs provide the insight needed to make short and…

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VERTEX Supports MS Research Nationwide

March 6, 2017

The National VERTEX MS Walk Team was a huge success! Collectively, Team VERTEX raised over $6,000 in donations to the National MS Society. We are very proud to be a part of an ESOP company filled with team members who donate their time and money to charitable organizations and events. Twelve of our offices participated,…

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VERTEX Presenting at Upcoming AACE International Annual Meeting - Toronto

June 15, 2016

VERTEX’s Amin Terouhid, Ph.D. will be presenting at the upcoming AACE International 60th Annual Meeting. The meeting, taking place in Toronto from June 26th to the 29th, 2016, is a longstanding event for construction and real estate professionals. The AACE technical program represents top building information modeling, claims and dispute resolution, cost and schedule control,…

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VERTEX Participates in MS Walk Nationwide

May 2, 2016

VERTEX has teams all over the country for the 2016 MS Walk.  While not all teams have walked yet, below are a few photos of the participating offices. VERTEX has or will be participating in: Denver; Boston; Dallas; Irvine; Stamford; Tampa; Fort Lauderdale; Atlanta; Honolulu; Chicago; Detroit; St. Louis; North Brunswick, NJ; Soldberg Airport, NJ; Manhattan,…

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Environmental Due Diligence Assessments in Canada - The Importance of Detailed Database Reviews

November 29, 2018

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) assessments associated with property transactions have gained increased prominence in Canada over the past decade. Stakeholders such as property owners, buyers, financial institutions, realtors and developers depend on the results of EDD assessments to arrive at decisions relating to liabilities, valuations, and potential for future development. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments…

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Ontario’s Provincial Standard for Records of Site Condition (RSC)

October 17, 2018

What is a Record of Site Condition (RSC)? A Record of Site Condition (RSC) is an investigation filed with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Park (MECP) that establishes the environmental condition of a contaminated property at a particular point in time. RSC’s apply to vacant or underutilized properties where past industrial or commercial…

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Environmental Due Diligence Standards: CSA vs. ASTM

May 1, 2018

In recent years, environmental due diligence assessments have increasingly become an essential component of most property transactions. A wide range of stakeholders including purchasers, sellers, developers, contractors, owners, tenants, insurance firms and finance institutions routinely depend upon these assessments to identify environmental liability, evaluate risks and make informed decisions. In North America, and most other…

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Occupational Health & Safety Standards in Canada

March 27, 2018

In Canada, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) is covered by Acts (legislation) or statutes and other related regulations promulgated under federal, provincial, and/or territorial regulations. Regardless of jurisdiction, the key components of OH&S regulations in Canada are similar across the country. However, the details of the legislation, the mechanism of implementation, and enforcement may vary…

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Ontario's 3Rs Waste Audits - Are You in Compliance?

February 20, 2018

Ontario’s 3Rs Regulations (Ontario Regulation 102/94 [O.Reg. 102/94]) govern non-hazardous solid waste generated from, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) sources. 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Waste Audits Since 1994, designated IC&I organizations in Ontario have been required to implement Waste Audits, Waste Reduction Work Plans and Source Separation Programs. Pursuant to O.Reg. 102/94, regulated organizations are required…

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