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Experienced Construction Risk Assessment and Consulting in Jacksonville, Florida

Offices in Jacksonville and other major Florida cities have been an essential part of the VERTEX nationwide network. For over a decade, as one of the leading global AEC companies, we’ve been providing consistent quality and a full spectrum of consulting services in the industry. Our multidisciplinary team’s excellence was built and fortified over decades of handling diverse projects and working with clients worldwide in the residential, commercial, and industrial real estate sectors. We have extensive experience collaborating with domestic and international partners.

VERTEX offers AEC services, including engineering design solutions, owner’s representation, and other advisory and consulting services. We also manage and assess various environmental risks to protect the well-being of all sides involved in a construction project and protect our clients from avoidable costs. These services are an indispensable part of any project and benefit all stakeholders.



The Vertex Companies, LLC
1502 Roberts Dr
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Forensic services

We’re proud of our seasoned forensic team of experts in Jacksonville, which includes architect expert witnesses, forensic mechanical engineers, and accounting experts. Our team has thousands of successfully resolved design and construction disputes behind them. Forensic consulting and expert witness services are crucial when it comes to resolving the facts early in the case, and VERTEX can help you build a solid case, whether you’re resolving the claims by arbitration or litigation.

Our forensic consultants can also assist on ongoing issues with construction projects. Seasoned developers and investors know real estate development could have many unpredictable occurrences and risks, and that having a reliable team at your side can protect you from substantial financial loss. Regardless of the project size, having a risk become a tangible issue or dispute that can go in litigation is a serious matter. This could come from delays, having to change plans from changed site conditions, and so on.

Fire protection engineering and consulting

Fire prevention and safety services are provided by industry experts, as they require advanced knowledge about the related methods and equipment and real-life experience. Design and installation of fire protection systems is an essential part of the construction and engineering process because, as with most AEC fields, it could mean the difference between life and death. Since fires can also cause severe injuries and health consequences, and extensive damage to building structures, any incident can be a cause for claims or criminal charges.

VERTEX can provide a team of experienced engineers with abundant experience in different commercial, industrial, or residential facilities across the Jacksonville region. The fire protection services we provide include:

  • Design of fire protection systems
  • System safety analysis
  • Code consulting; local and state codes and standards
  • Regulatory support
  • Performance-based design
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Testing and inspections
  • Risk modeling
  • Surveys and audits
  • Hazard identification
  • Negotiation or client liaison services
  • Third-party review

In forensic fire claims, complex investigations are conducted to determine the origin and cause of damage caused by fires and explosions. Technical expertise to evaluate the circumstances and determine coverage and reduce claim costs. Litigation requires the expertise of professionals well-versed in local codes and standards and training in fire investigations.

VERTEX’s Jacksonville forensic electrical engineers can provide construction expert witness services. We can investigate fire damage, find out why protective measures failed, and determine how more effective fire prevention methods can be developed and designed.

Environmental remediation and development consulting

Areas with a higher population density, particularly large cities such as Jacksonville, go hand in hand with increased commercial development in order to provide the community with the necessary services. Urban environments that have a history of industrial and commercial property uses carry an elevated soil and groundwater contamination risk. The same goes for residential property built more than a couple decades ago, as toxic and hazardous materials could have been used to construct them and still be present at those building sites.

To comply with local regulatory obligations and keep track of potential business liabilities, qualified environmental remediation services and due diligence procedures are used to determine and manage the risks before developing, purchasing, or leasing. Remedial actions involve prescriptive cleanup, soil and groundwater treatment, management of hazardous building materials, as required by the regulatory framework, and the future use of the property in question.

Environmental due diligence

Environmental consulting can be a valuable part of a property’s due diligence process. It includes gathering evidence and data required to make a report and requires precise measurements and sampling to determine the potential presence of recognized environmental conditions (RECs). A team of experts uses advanced technological tools and follows standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Evaluation practices are adapted to each location and property in Jacksonville or any other Florida location before proceeding with construction projects.

Industrial hygiene and building science

The job of industrial hygienist consulting firms is to inspect and control construction sites and other workplaces across Jacksonville for potential environmental hazards. In addition, they identify and assess contaminants that can have a negative impact on the health of construction workers or people living in communities near the construction site locations.

A team of VERTEX experts uses a set of control measures and practices to prevent and protect workers and the community from poisonings, injuries, or other health risks like developing or aggravating respiratory or skin conditions and illnesses. Our CIH consultants also investigate the cause and origin of hazards such as mold growth and can measure indoor air quality for other contaminants.

Building science uses knowledge from multiple disciplines like architecture, engineering, chemistry, biology, or physics to assess the health impact of a building as a system and determine its energy efficiency, durability, indoor air quality, and overall comfort. It includes consulting or inspecting the building envelope or enclosure, building finishes, and infrastructure. This is a crucial factor for the well-being of the structure’s occupants – humans, animals, and plants.

Construction risk management

Many unexpected events and conditions can pose a risk that could affect your project and cause delays, damage to the structure, or significant financial loss. Even comprehensively planned and thought-out plans can run into problems. This is why risk planning and management are utilized to predict potential issues and prepare the appropriate course of action to prevent them or minimize their effect. Construction project risk management can offer efficient solutions specifically adapted to each project.

Construction risk assessment and monitoring

Construction risk assessment is the process of looking for possible threats that can be controlled and mitigated in early phases, preferably during the pre-construction phase, as their elimination later on can be significantly more challenging. There are three major construction risk management areas to examine:

  • External risks include outside factors like labor shortages, competition, supply prices, or natural events like floods, earthquakes, and other weather conditions that could influence the construction schedule.
  • Internal risks are qualifications of the design or construction teams, management styles, resources, and lack of experience for a particular type of project.
  • Project risks. Construction project risk assessment is an evaluation of internal threats according to each project’s specific and unique characteristics. They can involve construction site location, available space, logistical problems, and failure to perform the due diligence thoroughly. Some details can get overlooked and cause more significant problems later, disrupt workflow or cause delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

A project manager is a professional who plans a construction project and oversees its progress. They are usually employees of an AEC firm and usually oversee their own staff and coordinate with other trades they need to interact with to finish the job. If the project manager works for the General Contractor, they can monitor the entire process of preconstruction & construction.

The owner’s representative is a professional who works on behalf of the owner and can oversee project development, from design and site selection to getting permits and the construction itself. Depending on their duties, they may not directly manage the processes but instead be there to communicate with the teams, monitor progress and report to the project owner. This way, they ensure that the construction project is carried out within budget and on time.

The law that defines balcony inspection is Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 61C-1.002. Florida balcony law requires that balconies, decks, and railings on public buildings and other structures in Jacksonville be inspected every three years. This is done to ensure the safety of these public spaces or residential buildings and prevent severe injuries, potential litigation, and economic loss. Different states have different balcony risk assessment codes and regulations.

The competency to conduct balcony assurance or deck inspections is determined by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and encompasses several categories, including engineers, architects, and licensed general contractors. Aside from balconies and decking, other elements that need to be inspected include railings, fasteners, wall attachments, and ledger boards.

Waterproofing means sealing of any concrete surfaces to prevent water and moisture from passing through. It is done during the construction stage- before finishes are applied. Because buildings in Jacksonville (and most of Florida) need to deal with high humidity, rainfall and the occasional hurricane, the structures need to be water resistant so it doesn’t get damaged by the weather and degrade over time. Waterproofing consulting services usually work with the architect & contractor, recommending materials and systems that prevent water entry as well as facilitate field testing after installation to verify the building cladding materials perform properly.

Choosing a multidisciplinary, high-expertise team of consultants can help you achieve the highest construction quality standards and protect you from hazardous situations and costly construction delays and claims. Our custom solutions can accommodate the needs of a wide range of clients and help them meet their business objectives.

We’re proud to offer comprehensive consulting and forensic services in Jacksonville, performed by the top construction and civil engineers, architects, designers, contractors, lawyers, and other professionals to provide reliable, high-expertise services. With a local presence in Florida, and multiple other locations in major cities across the country, we offer:

Don’t hesitate to call us and find out what we can do for you. Reach out to our trusted team today.